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July 11, 2018

Hair Painting With Extensions


Hair Painting With Extensions

OH. EM. GEE. Can you believe this transformation is the same head of hair? Or that it only took one appointment to create? A little confused? We’ll explain—hair extensions! Instead of offering clients a color service that could require several hours (or multiple appointments), hairtalk® Extensions Master Educator Tucker Cinalli (@tuckerjstyle) turns to his trusty tape-ins to totally make over his clients.


Watch the video below to see how Tucker uses hairtalk’s Original(Plus), Petite(Plus) and Mini(Plus) to create a chemical-free hair paint that’s super customized and on par with some of your favorite Instagram balayagers, then keep scrolling for the steps!


Watch The Video How-To Below

Artist: Tucker Cinalli
Manufacturer: Hairtalk, @hairtalkusa

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    Pro Tip Before Starting: For a "painted" outcome, Tucker suggests creating peaks and valleys (or highs and lows) with the tape-ins by using both the hairtalk® rooted extensions and the Colormelts in the same row (shown in the photo below). Keep this in mind throughout the application!

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    Start applying the first row of extensions approximately 1 to 1½ inches above the nape—apply the hairtalk® Petites Plus color 25/4R with 6/24 Colormelts underneath for the peak and the hairtalk® Originals color 5/23 Colormelts with color 25 underneath for the valley.

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    To create the most natural outcome, use a bricklay pattern when placing the extensions and alternate colors. In the next row, use hairtalk® Originals color 4/8 Colormelts with color 25 underneath for the valley and hairtalk® Petites Plus color 25/4R with color 23 underneath for the peak.

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    Continue working up the head, alternating placement and color.

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    Once reaching the hairline behind the ears, use hairtalk® Mini Plus color 23/6R with color 23 underneath. The Minis are 0.4 inches wide—making them almost totally undetectable when working in tough spots or when trying to create face-framing money pieces. 

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    Once reaching the crown, move to each side of the head. Use the Mini Plus 23/6R with color 23 underneath for the peak and the Petite 6/24 Colormelts with color 4/8 Colormelts underneath for the valley.

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    Next, blend the extensions with the client’s hair by framing the face. Add soft/feathered layers from the client’s top layer to the top row of the extensions, and diffuse any heaviness from the client’s natural hair by texturizing the ends at a 45-degree angle (this avoids cutting any length from the hair).

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    The finished highlight created with the tape-ins!

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    Finished look.

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    Finished look.

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