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Last updated: June 08, 2023

4 Tips For Brightening The Hairline

tips for lightening the hairline
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @taylordidmyhair

Read This If Your Client Wants Brighter Face-Framing Pieces

‘Tis the season for painting lighter, face-framing pieces. No matter the hair color, hairstylists typically see an influx of clients asking for brighter hairlines in the summer. Whether that means a bold money piece, subtle babylights or strategically-placed foilayages—the urge to brighten up the face is constant in the warmer months.


Read on for the best tips for lightening the hair around the face—from beginning the process to placement and formula suggestions.


1. First, Blend Lines of Demarcation

The key to seamlessly-blended multi-dimensioinal blonde is to, of course, first blend any lines of demarcation. Houston-based hairstylist Brandy Chene (@brandychenetheblondespecialist) created this stunning transformation by first using Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener and 20-volume Blonde Life Coconut Oil Developer to lift, brighten and blend the harsh contrast between the root and midshaft.


tips for lightening the hairline
Photo Credit: Instagram via @brandychenetheblondespecialist


2. Add Clear To The Hairline Formula To Avoid Over-Toning

Since a porous hairline will process faster than the rest of the head, Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) recommends mixing a separate formula with a clear gloss mixed in to avoid over-toning. “The hairline tends to lift the fastest and lightest so toning all at once can cause uneven results,” Taylor shares. Here’s her quick toning technique to try:
  1. Lift the hairline to the desired Level using Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder.
  2. Sectioning off the hairline to the side, tone the rest of the head with Joico Blonde Life Demi Gloss 10V.
  3. Place a towel over the freshly toned section and gently pull the hairline back over the towel.
  4. Now adding clear to the formula, tone the hairline using Blonde Life Demi Gloss 10V + Clear for an even blend.


tips for lightening the hairline
Photo Credit: Instagram via @taylordidmyhair

The key to making hairlines pop = choosing the right lightener. Click here for the secret to bright, clean LIFT!


3. Refresh Grown Out Blondes To All-Over Brightness

Create that lit from within glow on any client (even a color correction)! Detroit-based stylist Jasmere Waller (@jasblack) shares her quick step-by-step to take her client with ultra-lightened ends to an all-over sun-kissed look.
Photo Credit: Instagram via @jasblack
  1. To connect prelightened ends to a bright root, Jasmere uses Joico Blonde Life Powder Lightener to ensure an even lift around the head.
  2. Using a zig-zag parting comb, foil thin slices around the head to add brightness with dimension to connect the previously lightened ends into the new color.
  3. Jasmere lightened the money pieces outside of the foil to control the development time to result in a softer blonde.
  4. For a neutral glow, Jasmere opted for Joico Blonde Life Quick-Tone Liqui-Crème Toners.


tips for lightening the hairline
Photo Credit: Instagram via @jasblack

4. Finish With A Gloss.

It’s giving dark hair with a bright complexion thanks to the gorgeous face-framing balayage courtesy of Melissa Maloney (@live_love_dohair), or as she puts it, “It still reads brunette but gives the brightness we crave this time of year.” 


To lighten up her client’s balayage even more, Melissa mixed Joico’s Blonde Life Demi Glosses in 9V and 8N together for this warm weather hair transformation. 


tips for lightening the hairline
Photo Credit: Instagram via @live_love_dohair


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