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Last updated: September 11, 2020

Timesaving Technique: Instant Beaded Row™ Extension Installation

Save An Hour By Watching This Beaded Row Installation Technique!

Want to save an hour on the classic beaded row installation? hairtalk® Master Educator April Allen (@spoiledstylist) showed us hairtalk®’s new Instant Beaded Row™ weft installation technique that shaves down a 30 minute per bead placement process into 10 minutes or less! Keep scrolling to learn how you can save time and make more money with this efficient weft extension service!


Watch the video above for the full installation process and check out the finished look below!


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Do This To Save Time

The classic beaded row installation has the stylist individually placing each bead in a row on the clients head, which can take on average 30 minutes or more per row depending on the stylist’s speed. A client usually gets around 2-3 rows installed, so that’s 60 to 90 minutes spent just putting in the beads.


So, how can you save time during the beaded row process? Well, hairtalk®’s new Instant Beaded Row™ allows the stylist to install beads faster with a pre-made beaded row that takes out the time to space and individually install each bead, turning a 30-minute process into a 10- to 15-minute max installation. Since most stylists charge per row, this process allows you to make the same amount of money for a technique that takes less time to do.


Check Out The Before & After!

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Make More Money

So what do you do with the extra time? Make more money, of course! The new process can save you at most 20 minutes of installation time per row, which adds up to about 40 to 60 minutes of extra time in your day. April recommends you use that time to add in a quick haircut service. Depending on what you charge, you can quickly take home an extra $200 per week.


Here’s How It Works:

If you work four days per week and charge $60 per cut, you can make an extra $240 which adds up to $11,000 per year. 


Installing The Instant Beaded Row™

The installation process for the Instant Beaded Row is very similar to the classic beaded row process, but with less stress and maneuvering.  

  • Start off by sectioning the hair where you want the row to go.


  • Once done, create a small u-shape section using a rattail comb. The section should be large enough that all of the hair fits inside a bead.


  • Use a loop tool to pull the hair through the first bead. Then use pliers to pull the bead up to the top of the section, twist the pliers flat to the head and press the bead closed.


  • Pull the beaded row flush along the section to measure the distance for the next bead, and continue the process until the section is complete.


Note: Make sure you’re pulling any flyaways or stray hairs from the bead before you secure it. 


Look At The Length! Gorgeous!


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