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December 20, 2016

How Much Should You Charge For Extensions?

If you’re looking for an additional money-maker, you’ve probably considered extension services. But just how much should you be charging? How do you know if it’s worth it? Check out Extension Pricing 101!



This info from Kat Lewis, head educator at DreamCatchers, breaks down what you need to know when installing DreamCatchers’ I-tip extensions. These European hair extensions come with 25 strands per bundle, and a full head of extensions typically uses around five bundles. Plus, they must be maintained every four to six weeks, which means more money for you! Let’s figure out how much you can charge!


Consultation Breakdown
Your consultation is crucial and MUST be done in person, Kat says. Watch her best consultation tips!




Pricing Breakdown
Initial Install: When you’re doing a full installation, here’s how your pricing should work. Some numbers to keep in mind: most of the stock DreamCatchers hair is about $100 per bundle, and most clients will use five bundles for a full head install. The cost of the micro-cylinders is about $3.75 per pack, and you need one pack of micro-cylinders per bundle, so five packs would be just under $20. Here are the three steps to determining your pricing.


1. Figure out your product cost. If you’re installing five bundles at $100/bundle, that’s $500. But DreamCatchers always gives you your fifth bundle FREE, so really your cost is only $400. Then add your cost of cylinders, which is about $20. Add in the shipping cost, which is usually $15. That means your product cost is about $435. Kat recommends rounding up because it’s easier to work with the numbers, so let’s say $450 in product cost.


2. Figure out your installation cost. Charge $50 per bundle to install. That means if you were installing five bundles, you could charge $250 to install.


3. Add the two costs. Your product cost ($450) plus your install fee ($250) comes out to about $700.


When discussing price with your client, make sure to let her know exactly how your recommendation will give her the flawless look she wants. Use language like, “The look you want to achieve will cost $700” to make sure she understands that she’s paying for the total look. Be sure to charge her a deposit of $450 at her consultation, which will cover your product cost—that way, you won’t be paying out of pocket. Then, when she comes in for her installation, charge her the remaining $250.



Adjustments and Re-fusions: When you’re doing her adjustment or re-fusion every four to six weeks, you should charge an hourly service fee, just as you would for haircolor services. On average, most extensions specialists charge between $80 to $120 per hour, depending on their area. Base your pricing off of how fast you are—the faster you get, the more you can charge.


Installing Strands: If your client is looking for just a few strands and not a full head of extensions, price between $7 to $15 per strand, similarly to how you charged when you would install feathers in clients’ hair.


DreamCatchers also offers half-point I-tips for clients with finer or thinner hair that can’t support a full I-tip. And their Crown-N-Glory hair wefts are another option for clients who might be thinning on top. Whatever extension solution you determine to be best for your client, DreamCatchers can help you figure out how much to charge. Plus, DreamCatchers literally sends you clients! The company advertises in popular consumer magazines (like People and US Weekly), then automatically directs customers to you! First you have to be certified, but that’s easy with the DreamCatchers online certification.


Get even more details on pricing, plus Kat’s best tips on coloring extensions, in the video!





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