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Last updated: June 18, 2021

How To Book And Price Multi-Method Extensions Services

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Why You Should Be Doing Multi-Method, Or Hybrid, Extensions Services

Maybe you’re the queen of tape-in extensions, or you’ve perfected the sew-in weft…but have you considered adding keratin extensions? Getting certified in multiple extension applications methods makes you even MORE desirable to even MORE clients, plus lets you build bespoke solutions for your guests that they can only get from you. Ready to learn how multi-method, or hybrid, extensions services can benefit your business? Keep reading!


We talked to extensions specialist Vicki Casciola (@vickicasciola), whose not only super booked and busy in a Las Vegas salon, but also hairtalk’s Global Artistic Director. She gave us the rundown of why incorporating the NEW hairtalk® Keratin extensions into your service menu will keep your clients coming back!


Why Multi-Method Extensions Services Are Profitable

hairtalk® is the OGs of tape-in extensions, but the recent launch of the hairtalk® Keratin extensions was game-changing for Vicki’s business. Why? “Having more in our roster is better because there are limitless possibilities,” she says. “Being able to tell your clients that you can do different methods puts you on a higher pedestal and makes you a better stylist.


By multi-method or hybrid extensions, we mean using different types of extension application techniques on one head. By combining different techniques, you can address different areas of the client’s head, or different trouble spots, with techniques that are best suited to solve that issue—plus, you create a custom solution that your client can’t get anywhere else.


Get certified in the hairtalk® Keratin Method: Attend a live or virtual hands-on certification course!


How To Approach Multi-Method Extensions Services

Vicki’s clients were asking for bold money pieces with their extensions services, which she wasn’t able to achieve with tape-ins or wefts alone. At the same time, doing tape-in extensions were fast and profitable, because they cover a lot of head “real estate” quickly (and she can apply a full head in less than an hour!).


Then, hairtalk® launched their Keratin extensions, which have soft, matte keratin bonds that are super discreet and allow for undetectable application. They’re lightweight, meaning they can be safely applied in more fragile, finer hair textures and the hairline and fringe areas…aka the money piece area. That’s when Vicki knew that the hybrid method would be ideal for her clientele.


“My clients always want me to put MORE tape-in extensions in the front, then complain because they can’t do a snatched ponytail, and I’m like, well you can’t have it all,” she said. “But now, they CAN have it all—I can still give them the tape-ins to cover more ground on their head, then I can get really close to the hairline with Keratin extensions and go super bold with the money piece. I can finally give them exactly what they want!”


Hybrid service with wefts and Keratin extensions. Image via @vickicasciola


How To Schedule And Book Multi-Method Extensions Services

Vicki likes to think of extensions appointments as color services. “Do they want a bold money piece, lowlights, highlights?” she asks. “Approach it as a color service to use multiple extension types and colors.”


Tape-in clients need the tapes moved up every 8 to 10 weeks, while Keratin extensions last 3 to 5 months. This means your hybrid client should get new Keratin extensions every two to three tape-in appointments (and it also means you don’t need to touch the Keratin extensions during some of the tape-in appointments, saving you time).


To do hybrid extensions, you will probably need to adjust your actual appointment booking slots. Vicki can do a full head of tape-ins in less than an hour, but recommends booking 2.5 hours for a service that incorporates Keratin.


“Time management is important behind the chair, so even if you are used to doing just tape-ins and this is taking more time, it’s still less time than a blonding appointment,” she says. For a full head of Keratin extensions, you’ll need more time—but remember, they last 3 to 5 months without the client having to return to your chair.


You’ll find the Keratin extensions can be applied quickly because of the pre-customized 1cm bond height (allowing you to apply more in less time). Plus, “the ends are pre-tapered, which makes our lives easier because we don’t have to focus so much time blending a blunt line,” Vicki says.


hairtalk® Keratin extensions. Image via @vickicasciola.


How To Price Extensions Services

The top question clients ask BTC about extensions is, “How do I charge for them?” Here’s Vicki’s advice: Take the cost of the hair and double or triple it. If you’re doing a full head of Keratin, use your typical hourly rate, then double or triple that. Because tape-ins are faster, don’t go by the hour—go by the cost of the hair and multiply it.


“This hybrid method is a luxury service, a specialty service,” she says. “The person sitting in your chair should be able to afford it. If your client is trying to nickel and dime you for extensions services, they probably don’t need extensions. Not everybody should have them—this is a luxury.”


You can also charge for “spot treatment” Keratin extensions. For example, a client with thinner hair who isn’t looking for length and volume all over—she just wants more hair at her hairline—would be a perfect candidate for Keratin extensions, Vicki says. “They’re lightweight, so they can be safely applied to those areas. It’s a spot treatment like filler—you use filler in your face, now use it in your hair!”


To give her extensions services even more of a luxurious appeal, Vicki does a couple things. First, each client gets a care package with hairtalk® Cleanse Shampoo, Nourish Conditioner, Nourish Plus Masque and a Pocket Extension Brush, all in a pretty white bag. The cost of this is built into the install appointment, but the client sees it as a free gift. (Psst – want to shop hairtalk® for pros? Create an account here!)


Next, Vicki gives complimentary blowouts the week after extensions are installed. During the appointment, the client gets a fabulous head massage during the shampoo service, then Vicki gives them the blowout of their choice, plus takes some time to show them how to recreate styles the client has saved from social media. This makes the client feel cared for and appreciated.


Hybrid service with wefts and Keratin extensions. Image via @vickicasciola

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