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Last updated: November 25, 2020

4 Tips To Give Clients Better, Blonder Extensions

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4 Tips For Better, Blonder Extensions

Warmer weather means brighter blondes, so expect clients to come in ask to be beach ready! Want to give clients the color without chemicals? We had Hairtalk Senior Master Educator and BTC #ONESHOT Finalist Alicia Iannone (@liciebaby) stop by The BTC House to show how to give clients a blended balayage using extensions. Scroll down for all of her blending tips and click here to purchase Alicia’s entire class.


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1. Get The Correct Color Match

When color matching, don’t start at the top of the head. To achieve the ultimate color blend, Alicia suggests starting the color match where the hair starts to extend. If the client is a multi-dimensional blonde, bring four or five swatches out to color match. Ultimately, use two different color extensions paired together to create the correct color.



2. Pick The Proper Size For Placement

What’s the secret to extensions? Not being able to tell when a client has them in, of course! A dead giveaway of extensions is when a short piece of hair pops out at the nape, and is then followed by a long extension. So, Alicia suggests starting at the nape, 3 inches above the hairline (for ponytail purposes!) and applying a shorter length extension (for her model, Alicia used both 21″ length and 25″ length.) “Everyone has baby hairs, and everyone has shorter hair underneath,” Alicia explains. “So, start with a shorter length extension at the bottom and build length and volume in the middle of the head.”




3. Place Where You Paint

Apply extensions the way you would paint a balayage application: Where you apply lightener is the best place to apply the brightest, lightest extension shade. Create the peaks and valleys of a balayage by placing the brightest extension on the bottom and tops the application with a darker color. This will allow the brighter blonde to peak out, and give the ends a blended, wispy effect.


Pro Tip: Keep a flat iron handy throughout the extension service. Alicia suggests flat ironing the hair before placement, to make sure the colors will blend seamlessly. Continue to flat iron during the service to make sure everything stays blended.



4. Create Babylights With Texturizing Shears

To create brighter pops of color, use texturizing shears on the darker shade that is placed on top. Bring the shears right to the top of the extension (under the tape) and slide the shears all the way down to the bottom. Removing some of the darker shade allows the brighter blonde to pop through and gives a babylight effect.


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