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You’ve heard us say it again and again and now we have the profit visuals to prove it to you—becoming a certified hair extensions stylist can drastically alter your income. Consider this YOUR SIGN to finally begin offering extension services. Keep reading for income goals diagrams you can start using and answers to every question your clients will be asking! 


I Want To Start Offering Extensions, Where Do I Begin?

hairtalk® extensions Senior Master Educator Jaqueline Figuero (@hairplaylv) shares her top tips to begin the conversation of offering extensions to your clients and answering any questions they may have. 


When you’re offering a new service that requires higher pricing and maintenance, it’s important to be able to confidently communicate with your clients about services that may be new to them. 


Looking to get certified in hair extensions? It’s quicker than you think, explore IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL certification courses!


1. How Do I Introduce My Clients To Extensions?

The best part of offering extensions (aside from the profit increase) is not having to recruit a new clientele. Your new extension clients are already in your chair! Jaqueline says that the BEST way to start that initial conversation is to utilize the instant gratification feeling that extensions provide.



“For instance, if my blonde client has roots showing but has a visibly damaged hairline, I use the opportunity to show how adding a couple of extensions can fill in their hairline,” she explains. “This allows me to demo the hairtalk® Petite tape-in extensions and fix my client’s insecurity without having to use bleach and break the hair even further.” 


Fullness through a small problem area makes a huge difference, check out this transformation from @hairplaylv:


Photo credit: Instagram via @hairplaylv


2. How Will I Explain Higher Pricing On Shorter Appointments?

“Study your product and create an extension menu. This helps you in the consultation with your guest,” says Jaqueline. Be confident in the skills and artistry you offer, you’re the professional for a reason. 


It can be intimidating to offer something new, we hear you! But the life-changing income you will receive along with the life-changing results your clients can walk home with definitely make it easier. 


Still on the fence? Check out this profit chart of average pricing for our most common services VS. extension services:


3. How Do I Retain Extension Clients After A Few Appointments?

It is possible and clients WILL pay for it. The great thing about extensions is once clients experience the hair of their dreams (within one appointment) it’s hard for them to ever want to go back. 


Here’s Jaqueline’s best tip on client retention:

“The greatest retention I have experienced comes from listening to my guest and their hair problem,” she explains. “I never recommend an installation that isn’t practical for them to live in—we always want to upgrade clients with a touch of us!” 

With results like these, it’s pretty easy for clients to continue their extension journey with you!


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What Extension Installation Method Do I Begin Learning First?

Between tape-ins, wefts and keratins—there is a lot to learn and a lot to grow upon. Luckily, the method you choose to master first depends on what your clients need most.


1. When To Use Tape-In Extensions

(JaQueline’s first choice!) This method is best for clients with fine to medium hair density. Tape-ins are great for clients who don’t “want to feel” their extensions at their roots AND is the fastest installation method.


Tape-ins are typically the most popular and affordable extension option on the market. The semi-permanent extensions are great for both client and stylists’ time during installation and maintenance appointments. 


Here’s a profit visual if you began to offer tape-in extensions:


2. When To Use Weft Extensions

The ideal client for wefts is someone who has an active, busy lifestyle and has medium to heavy hair density. Wefts do not require any curing of any bonds so they’re perfect for clients who are a little rough on their hair. 


You’ll notice below the price typically increases for this method because it takes longer to apply. However, your fitness-fanatic clients or those with labor-intensive careers will highly benefit from the longer appointment times to guarantee durable extensions. 


Here’s a profit visual if you began to offer weft extensions:


3. When To Use Keratin Extensions

These are typically for a seasoned extension client. Being the most advanced extension method, keratins require a bit more maintenance so you want your clients to understand the extra upkeep it requires. (Even though it’s totally worth it!) 


Taking longer to apply than a tape-in extension, keratins are a more permanent option that are long-lasting and able to be styled in any way. PS: Keratin clients really love being able to pull their hair up without any extensions showing. 


Here’s a profit visual if you began to offer keratin extensions:


Sounds pretty amazing, huh? Get certified and start your extension business ASAP—your career goals are waiting for you!


Up next—here’s your guide to choosing the right extension for every client:


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