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Last updated: February 24, 2023

5 Tips For Platinum Blondes (Without Bleach!)

Create Bright, Luxury Blondes Using LUSH By Hotheads®

Blondes have always been in the spotlight, but nothing makes them shine brighter than a fresh head of extensions. Better yet: a fresh head of LUSH by Hotheads®—the brand’s premium luxury blonde collection made of 100% Virgin Remy human hair. Sourced from Continental Europe, this extension line comes in six different colors and lengths that create only the brightest blondes possible. 


In other words: You’ll want to stock up before your clients come knocking for their summer-y blonde makeovers. Keep reading for Hotheads® Master Educator Belinda Benham (@hairby_belinda)’s customizable tape-in blonding technique!


Click the video above to watch Belinda’s application technique in action!

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1. Use more than one color for a more natural-looking result.

Even the lightest, bleached blondes aren’t a single, uniform color. To avoid a flat, washed-out result, Belinda opts to use at least two different shades of blonde when applying extensions.


There are six shades of LUSH by Hotheads® to choose from:


  • Diamond
  • Opal
  • Topaz
  • Garnet
  • Pearl
  • Cool Sapphire


For her client, Belinda chose to use Opal—a soft, natural blonde with cool tones—for the base and Pearl for highlighting. She used only Opal for bottom two rows of extensions, then layered Opal as the bottom tape and Pearl as the top tape in subsequent sections.


Pro tip: LUSH by Hotheads® tape-in extensions use medical-grade adhesive that ONLY sticks to the tape and not to the hair itself. Not only is this a healthier option for your client’s natural locks, but it makes maintenance and removal much easier.


LUSH by Hotheads® in Opal vs. Pearl:

close formula


2. For new extension clients, recommend a shorter length.

If your client is getting extensions, they may as well go for the gusto—right? Well, maybe not. As tempting as glorious 30″ blonde hair sounds to your client, you would be doing them a favor to suggest a shorter option for their first extensions rodeo. Why? Extensions can seem heavy to newer clients, so it’s best to ease them in.


For her regular extensions client, Belinda chose 20″ extensions. Others available lengths include 16”, 22”, 24”, 26” and 30″.


Pro tip: LUSH by Hotheads® is breaking ground as the first extensions brand to offer full transparency and traceability for their line. Stylists and clients alike can see exactly where their hair comes from and how it’s sourced. Just scan the QR code on each pack to see your hair’s journey! (Did we mention every package is biodegradable?)


Thinking for adding LUSH by Hotheads® to your service menu? Click here to learn more about ethical sourcing, traceability and these premium blonde extensions!


3. Build the back perimeter first to avoid gaps in the hair.

When starting to apply her tape-ins, Belinda likes build the back perimeter first to avoid placing the extensions too close together. As a general rule, Belinda places her extensions one finger width apart and a two-finger width from the hairline. 


Pro tip: When sectioning. the density of the client’s natural hair needs to match the density of one tape-in extension. If there’s too much hair between the tape, it will not seal because the adhesive ONLY sticks to tape—not the client’s natural hair.


Belinda’s two-finger rule ensures that the extensions will feel comfortable and look natural.



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4. Strategically create gaps so they can be filled later.

The secret to bombshell extensions that look and feel natural: Strategic placement. With each row of extensions you apply, use the next row to fill in the gaps left behind. For example, Belinda applied three tape-ins to the bottom, then used the row above them to cover the spaces. 


Slide below to see a layer-by-layer comparison:

close formula


5. Save time with Belinda’s “a-okay” application method.

If you struggle with getting a flawless (and schedule friendly) tape-in application, Belinda has a solution for you: The “a-okay” method. Here’s how it’s done:


  1. Hold your hand firmly against the head. 
  2. Place the tape so it’s even, then drop it down so it isn’t right against the hairline. Remember, “tight” doesn’t equal longevity. Room for movement creates a seamless, natural look with less discomfort for the client. 
  3. Gently press the top of the tape-in to the bottom, removing any flyaways that may have gotten snagged.


Voilaperfect tape-in application, every time. 


Pro tip: Alternate each side of the hair when applying in rows to help with spacing and ensure the hair will look as even as possible.


See Belinda’s technique in action:



Want to see Belinda’s full technique? Watch the entire tutorial with removal tips, placement strategies and more on BTCTV!


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