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Last updated: July 25, 2023

ZERO LIFT Blonde In Less Than An Hour? Here’s How!


Try This 30-Minute Blonde Transformation Using Tape-Ins!

Say hello to the quickest, healthiest high-lift blonde you’ll ever get. Hotheads® Master Educator Natalie Ruzgis (@natalieruzgis) is here to teach her go-to, chemical-free transformation for fragile blondes who still want brightness AND length.


Keep scrolling to read how Natalie gives her clients blonde, dimensional results in less than an hour—and how extensions can step up your salon game!


Watch the video above to see how Natalie installs a full row of extensions in just 30 minutes!

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1. Here’s why you shouldn’t reach for the BRIGHTEST blonde shade.

It’s tempting to reach for the brightest, blondest shade on your color ring but, according to Natalie, this isn’t how you get the best results. Think of it this way: Light with light just looks light, but light strands with darker pieces underneath them make them look brighter and lighter.


Here are some of Natalie’s go-to shades:


  • Hotheads® Balayage Tape-In Extensions
    • Shade: 18/60ABY
  • Hotheads® LUSH by Hotheads™ Tape-In Extensions
    • Shades: Pearl, Opal and Garnet


A combination of blonde tones is basically insurance that your client won’t walk out of the salon and hear, “Hey, your extensions look great!”


Natalie’s blonde blend looks natural and dimensional:




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2. How to measure each section so your extensions stay invisible.

To make sure that her client’s extensions remain invisible any way they’re worn, Natalie does one simple trick: “Place your rat tail comb behind each section of hair before applying your tape-in. If you can see the comb through your section, you’ll be able to see the extension after installation,” she says.


Pro tip: Leave your color ring hanging by your station. This paves the way for a natural, real time conversation that has the opportunity to turn any service into an extensions transformation.


Check out Natalie’s chemical-free transformation from BTC On Tour:


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3. Cutting fresh extensions: When to point vs. slide cut.

To create a natural silhouette with extensions, it’s essential to be strategic with how you cut each section. To do that, Natalie uses a blend of point cutting and slide cutting to shape the hair without removing the length she just added.


Check out Natalie’s extension cutting cheat sheet:


  • Point cut to trim globally.
  • Slide cut with straight shears to shape the face frame.
  • Slide cut to add subtle layers to the front.


When layering, Natalie also likes to gently shake out each section of hair before she starts cutting. This helps ensure that you cut the client’s extensions and not their natural hair. 


Natalie’s blend of LUSH by Hotheads™ shades Pearl, Diamond and Topaz creates an authentic blonde look:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @natalieruzgis


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