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Last updated: November 24, 2021

TikTok Has Spoken—Blonde Hair Is Offically Cheugy?!

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Is Blonde Hair Now A Fashion Faux Pas? Here’s What Social Media Is Saying + Our Tips

Apparently, Gen Z has spoken and blonde hair is a cheugy thing of the past. Before you text your friends and ask—cheugy means untrendy or no longer stylish and cool. We can’t be sure when Gen Z became the headmaster on hair trends, but we aren’t too surprised. Remember the side-part and skinny jeans controversy?


The blonde hair strike began on TikTok when creators noticed celebs like Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Florence Pugh ditching their signature blonde for darker-toned hair. According to New York Post, “Gen Z has struck again, now declaring that blonde hair is outdated and darker shades are in.” 



So…We’re Going To The Dark Side?

Although we’re not on board with nixing blonde hair, we do love the sudden resurgence of all things dark tones. If your clients are chasing the trends this season, let us help! We have all the need-to-know tips and formulas to get you up to speed. Keep scrolling for transitioning techniques, unique formula breakdowns and processing steps you’ll need to know to make your client’s brunette stand out in the crowd. 


2-Hour Transformation (With Formula!)

Gen Z (and BTC) APPROVED! Although it’s hard to kiss a toned blonde goodbye, the process can be pretty painless.


This gorgeous formula from @habitsalon is a must-try for your next client looking to go dark. Not to mention—this whole transformation took just two hours!

Blonde To Dark Chocolate Brunette Transformation Formula How To Redken Shades EQ Maggie Johnson @hair_by_maggiej Kimmy Johnson
Instagram via @habitsalon



Why You NEED To Be Using A Filler

You know how we preach that it’s impossible to go from dark to light without a transition phase? Going from light to dark should be treated the same! When hair is super porous or damaged from lightener, any color put on top can slip right off in just a few shampoos.


To avoid tones shifting (or your client’s hair turning green) check out this crucial step you do not want to skip when transitioning your blonde clients darker. 


Trending Color: Spiced Brunette

This sultry spiced brunette has us wondering if Gen Z was onto something.


Check out this unique formula from @glamourby_melissa with transition tips for any client with heavy roots looking to go dark.

Transformation: Grown Out Blonde To Spiced Brunette

Makeover From Blonde To Dark Cinnamon Brunette Extension Transformation @Instagram via @glamourby_melissa Hair Extensions Wefts Fall Hair Color Brown Hair Formula How To Steps
Instagram via @glamourby_melissa



Not Ready For Brunette? Try Bronde!

If you have a client wanting to try the darker trend but reluctant to have a monochrome look, try bronde!


Bronde is in-between blonde and brunette that can warm your client up to the idea of having darker hair. Best part? It’s totally customizable, check out these transition hacks for the perfect bronde on blonde and brunette hair. 


What’s Next: Check out our gallery of warm balayage looks for more color inspo!