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Last updated: December 17, 2020

Watch: Hybrid Sew-In + Tape-In Extension Application

Seamlessly Blend Two Different Extension Methods On One Client

If you’ve ever considered mixing extension methods for a customized look, Hotheads® Hair Extensions Master Educator Natalie Ruzgis (@natalieruzgis) has just the technique for you! Get her tips on blending the two extension styles, texturizing tape-ins for a natural look and using a feathered razor. Watch the video for the full how-to and keep scrolling for the finished look!


The Hybrid Method

Using both sew-in and tape-in extensions on one client is called the hybrid method, and Hotheads® Hair Extensions teaches this technique in virtual classes. The sewn-in hand tied weft or machine weft extensions give the client the length and density they desire, while the tape-in extensions are added in as highlights for a balayage effect without the lightener. Here’s how it works:


  • A row or two of extensions are sewn onto the head. Natalie applied a hand tied weft on top of a machine weft for density and a color contrast.


  • Three tape-in extensions are installed on both sides of the head in a brick lay pattern starting at the face frame and going back until the last two sit above the sew-in row. 


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Texturize The Tape-Ins

Natalie used a combination of Hotheads® Hair Extension Originals and Ultimates for a natural highlighting affect. The blonde Originals tape-Ins were placed without manipulation underneath the hair, while the platinum Ultimates tape-ins were texturized with shears and then placed on top. Why? To make sure the Ultimates tape-ins blended naturally into the hair, Natalie used texturizing shears to remove weight from the extension for a subtle pop of blonde.

Products Used


Use A Feather Razor

After the tape-ins are installed, use a feather razor to quickly blend them into the client’s hair. Simply shake the extension until the clients hair falls away, then use a medium stroke to cut the extension at an angle going down to create a soft line. Make sure to start cutting above where the clients natural hair falls. This technique can be used to soften the face frame or when cutting layers. 

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