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Last updated: July 18, 2019

4 Extension Application Tips For Creating Upstyles

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We cover extension application a lot—but when you’re applying hair specifically for upstyling purposes (bridal stylists, we’re looking at you!) the technique and the tricks behind it change. That’s why Hotheads® Educators Kristen and Mickey Colon are breaking down some need-to-know rules for extension application when creating updos. Get their tips below, then watch their video for three styling how-tos!


Products Used

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When Working At The Nape

  • Know This: When applying extensions specifically for an upstyle, the hair is going to be pulled up from the nape for the finished look—this alters the application method.
  • Do This: Measure about three fingers away from the nape and for the first three rows, use the Hotheads® Ultimate Extensions on the bottom, paired with Hotheads® Original Extensions on top. This creates an undetectable look when pulling the hair up.



When Working At The Part Line/Around The Face

  • Know This: The hair above the ear and along the face is typically thinner and more fragile—making it easier to spot extensions!
  • Do This: Leave enough space (about three fingers) between the extension and the hairline. This allows the hair to be pulled both back and up without being visible. (For a regular extension application that isn’t being used for upstyles, you would leave two fingers of space.)



When Working At The Crown

  • Know This: Before applying, look for the natural split in the part line or for the natural whirl in the hair. Every client has a different growth/curl pattern at this spot on the head.
  • Do This: Place an Ultimate Extension on both sides and below the whirl to hide the extensions both in an updo and while the client is wearing her hair down. Avoid placing one extension directly underneath.



When Working With Color

  • Know This: When adding color with extensions for an upstyle and when working at the nape, add the colored extension on the bottom of the sandwich so that when the hair is pulled up, the color is visible.
  • Do This: Check out the gif below, then use the color placement map (also below!) from Hotheads® to create dimension on a brunette upstyle.




Check out this color placement chart for exactly how to apply the extensions!

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Now that you know how to add extensions for an upstyle, check out this video—it features extension application tricks, plus three extension styling how-tos!


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