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Last updated: November 14, 2018

Sneak Peek: The New Ash-Toned Hotheads® Hair Extensions

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At Hotheads® Hair Extensions’ New Cool-Toned Shades

Mark your calendars for Jan. 1, 2019 because Hotheads® Hair Extensions is launching 10 new ash-toned shades, a new The Band™ platinum shade and two clip-in hair accessories. Did you get all that? No worries! We got an exclusive look at what’s to come when we flew to Fort Lauderdale for the brand’s photo shoot and we’re breaking it all down—keep scrolling to peep the new on-trend, cool-toned extensions.


The 3 New Shades Joining Original, Ultimate & Micro Strand

Original, Ultimate and Micro Strand extensions will all be adding three new ashy shades to their collections: 4A (brunette), 18/25/613 (honey blonde) and 60A (platinum blonde).



Say Hello To 5 New Colormelts™

A chemical-free balayage/ombré without the damage? Sign us up! Colormelts™ are extensions that allow you to achieve seamless blends without the lengthy processing times and will soon be available in the following shades:


  • 18/60A—an ash blonde that melts into an ice blonde.
  • 6/20—a neutral, medium brown that melts into a light ash blonde.
  • 4/20—a dark brown that melts into a light ash blonde.
  • 4A/60A—a dark ash brown that melts into an ash blonde.
  • 8/613—a dark ash blonde that melts into a light blonde.



Rooted Ultimates Are Expanding With 2 New Additions

Have blondes who love a good live-in, rooty look? Then they’re going to love the two newest Rooted Ultimates: 60A/18R, an ice blonde with an ash blonde root and 60A/4AR, an ice blonde with a dark ash brown root.



This model is showing off the new ashy brunette shade, 4A.


“I am absolutely in love with these new shades,” says Kristen Colòn, a Hotheads® artist and educator. “Everyone wants that cool, ash tone and even if you’re not able to lift your client up to that specific ash tone that they desire, if you’re adding extensions into that balayage, you’re able to bump it up a little more without having to damage their hair or worry about the integrity.”


BTC’s Nicki with Hotheads® Brand Manager Rebecca Schoonover and Hotheads® Artists Melissa Fiorentino, Mickey Colòn Jr. and Kristen Colòn.


Click through the slideshow for deets on three other products that also launch Jan. 1!

The Band™ is an extension that gives clients longer, fuller hair in just five minutes—and SOON it'll be available in 60A, an on-trend platinum shade!