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Last updated: May 26, 2022

3 Reasons Why Today’s Highlights Are So Expensive

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Here’s Why Modern Highlights Cost More Than Traditional

Have you noticed the days of straightforward foiling prices are over? Gone are the days of the full vs. partial, as modern foiling techniques evolve and require more education, time and product to achieve the looks today’s clients want. Sara Pestella a.k.a. @saramay_level10, had a great take on the top three reasons why modern foiling techniques are pricier than traditional foils—check them out!



1. The Highlighting Techniques Have Changed

One of the reasons modern highlights are more expensive is because the application takes more time and precision. “It takes more work in one appointment to create an effortless result, that requires less maintenance, than [with] a traditional approach,” says Sara.


Note: The finished look also saves the client money, because less maintenance is required between appointments. 


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2. Traditional Foiling Doesn’t Require As Much Detail

“Modern foiling requires more work, customization and product to give the results that traditional foiling would in multiple sessions,” says Sara. “[The client is] paying for more work and a result that would take multiple sessions if approached in a traditional way.”


3. Custom Foil Highlight Placement Is An Art

No two heads are the same, so a great stylists knows when to switch things up for a custom look on each client. “Every foil is thought about with intention. From start to finish [the client [is] the muse, and the result is one that…is pure art,” Sara remarks.


“A designer handbag costs $600 and up, a 15-minute Botox appointment costs $600 and up, an hour cleaning at the dentist costs $150 [and] most breast augmentation surgeries require less time than it does to take a client from brunette to blonde.” 



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