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Last updated: June 10, 2020

How-To: Foiling The Face Frame

Foil Placement Face Frame Highlights Facebook Live
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Watch: Foil Placement Tips + Techniques For Brighter Face Frames
Faster foils and more predictable results?! Yes, PLEASE. Your blonde clients want to see a burst of brightness around the face frame and a seamless blend, so we’re breaking down strategic placement techniques that will achieve dimensional results and healthy lift. Olaplex Brand Ambassador Craig Purves (@craigsworldofhair) went live on BTC’s Facebook to share timesaving techniques, how to create impact where it counts, foil folding tips and more. Check it out below!


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Watch The Full Blonding Tutorial Below!


Products Used


Tap The Beaker For The Color Formulas!

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  • Formula A (face-framing foils)

    15g Wella Blondor Multi-Blonde Lightening Powder + 30g 20-volume developer (1:2) + 3.75ml Olaplex No.1

  • Formula B (root shadow)

    Redken Shades EQ 8N + 6NB + Shades EQ Processing Solution

  • Formula C (toner on ends)

    Redken Shades EQ 10N + 9AA + Shades EQ Processing Solution

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