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Last updated: April 04, 2024

3 Placement Tips For Expensive Blondes in Half The Foiling Time

Use These Placement Hacks To Create An “Old Money Blonde”

Achieving a high-lift yet natural-looking blonde is easy with these sectioning tips from BTC University and TRUSS Professional Global Ambassador, Chrissy Danielle (@hairbychrissydanielle). Ahead, Chrissy combines the natural-looking allure of handpainted balayage with the high-lift capabilities of foils to achieve a dimensional look using natural lowlights. The result? A soft, sunkissed shade that seamlessly blends with the natural hair color known as “Old Money Blonde.”


What’s new at BTC-U: Scroll through “Course Highlights” that will guide you through every step to achieve Old Money Blondes.


This Placement Hack Will Create A Brighter Ponytail Frame:


Here’s Chrissy’s placement hack for babylights: Start at the lowest point of the hairline in the nape and section a super fine weave. Then, leaving the woven section out of the foil, begin lightening the section.


See how Chrissy lightens the ponytail frame here:


Chrissy’s go-to lightener for foiled, yet natural-looking blondes:

Products Used


Create Natural Lowlights Without Color, Just Placement

Once the back hairline is completely foiled, Chrissy moves on to foiling the next section in the back of the head to add noticeable dimension when the hair is worn down. She uses her signature Triangle Drop Painting Method that turns the client’s natural color into contrasting lowlights.


Start with these key points:

  1. At the nape, start by weaving the hair into wide sections, almost like a broken slice. “I am going to paint it exactly like I would an open-air balayage,” says Chrissy.
  2. Then, place the foil at the scalp holding the woven section with a lot of tension.
  3. Paint lightener at the middle of the section to help avoid slippage.
  4. Then, turn the brush vertically and paint toward the root. Paint the highest at the outer corner then drop the painting lower toward the center—this is where the triangular drop method comes in.
  5. Then, paint down toward the end of the hair stopping before you get to the ends to avoid painting over prelightened hair.
  6. Fold the foil and leave the tips out of the foil before moving on to the next section.
  7. Learn the crucial following steps in the full video.


See Chrissy’s placement techniques for creating a natural lowlight:

Click here to watch the full class on BTC University.


Follow These Foil Folding Hacks For Maximum Slip Insurance:

While Chrissy’s painting techniques offer a natural-looking blonde shade, her foiling techniques guarantee high-lift and high-impact. Here are her key tips to safely yet effectively foil the hair:


  • When folding, kick the ends of the hair out of the foil, fold halfway, then fold a final time on the parting and lock in with a comb.
  • Fold foils at the width of the section to avoid slipping.
  • Give the foils a slight bend to add even more slip insurance.


These hacks guarantee foils stay in place for a non-splotchy, even lift. See how Chrissy folds her foils here:


Click here to learn every tip, trick and formula needed to achieve this coveted blonde.


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