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Last updated: October 08, 2020

3 Crucial Steps Your Balayage Is Missing

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Are You Skipping These 3 Key Balayage Steps?

Ever experienced splotchy balayage, breakage at the bowl or overprocessed strands? These problems could be because you’re skipping key steps of the balayage service—and your solutions could be as close as your backbar. Keep reading for the three steps you can add during a balayage service to help prevent common blonding problems!


1. If your balayage is splotchy…

Either the lightener was too runny, your sections weren’t evenly saturated or heavy metals like copper, lead, mercury or chlorine affected your lift.


Try This: Add an equalizing shampoo like TRUSS Professional No Metal Equalizer Shampoo to the balayage process because it will balance pH levels, eliminate heavy metals from the hair and remove any discoloration without opening the cuticle.  


Pro Tip: If foiling, you can rinse with No Metal Equalizer Shampoo FIRST to prevent swelling in the foils, giving you a predictable end result!


Watch the below video from TRUSS Professional Brand Specialist Sarah Ritchey (@sarahdidmyhair) to see how No Metal Equalizer Shampoo works!


2. If you spot some breakage…

There could be a number of factors that are the culprit. If she’s been blonde for a long time her hair could naturally be a little porous from all the lightening services. Or maybe it’s a new client and she failed to mention a recent at-home box dye session.


Try This: Incorporate a damage repair step to the service. For example, TRUSS Professional Deep Reconstruction Fluid is an instant repair leave-in that strengthens the hair’s protection barrier to restore much-needed hydration and shine. 


Click here to shop TRUSS Professional’s NEW Perfect Balayage kit, which includes all 3 products mentioned in this article!


3. If her strands feel overprocessed…

There’s a chance the volume of the developer was too high or the client processed for too long.


Try This: Integrate a fast-acting mask like TRUSS Professional Intensive Nutrition into the post-processing part of the appointment to protect her color, seal the cuticle, restore elasticity and reduce frizz. Just massage the ultra-hydrating mask into the hair, let sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse!


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Whether you’re painting a bright balayage or subtle sun-kissed highlights, the three steps detailed above will help you achieve an even, healthy blend every time! // Instagram via @sarahdidmyhair

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