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Last updated: November 18, 2021

Prelightening: When To Use Foils Vs. A Bleach Out

When To Choose Foils Over A Global Bleach Out

If you automatically think creative color = global bleach out, you could be creating more work for yourself later. TRUSS Professional Brand Specialist Amber Baranzini (@amburgerofhair) shared three reasons to rethink the lightening process and why she opts for foils instead. 



1. Use Foils When The Client Is Allergic To Lightener

Some clients are allergic to lightener, so Amber likes to use foils to save their skin from irritation. She uses TRUSS Professional Blanc Blond Lightening Powder because it doesn’t swell, so she can easily foil as close as possible to the scalp without fear of the bleach touching the scalp.


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2. Create More Natural Depth With Foils

A global bleach out removes depth from the hair, which is hard to put back, even when placing color on top. If your clients want more contrast in their hair, opt for foils instead to keep their natural dimension.


To do this, Amber foils the perimeter heavily, and spreads out the foils in the interior, keeping the top and perimeter nice and bright, but maintaining the client’s natural color for depth.


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3. Foils Are Less Maintenance 

Choosing between a global bleach out and foils really comes down to how much maintenance your client is willing to do. Clients who are bleached to the scalp can’t go more than eight weeks without a touch-up, while foil clients can go 12 weeks or more depending on how much grow-out they’re comfortable with.


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