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Last updated: November 03, 2021

Avoid Bleach Overlap With This Quick Technique

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Avoid Bleach Overlap With This Quick Technique

You know the importance of not overlapping lightener onto previously-lightened hair…but are you REALLY adhering to that rule? “Just because bond builders exist does not mean that abusing fragile hair is OK!” says celebrity colorist Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros). “Every hair matters!” Keep scrolling to see her genius technique in avoiding the bleach overlap.



Watch the video how-to below!


How To Avoid The Lightener Overlap

1. Using a foil, place lightener on the hair that’s grown out. “One reason for separating everything out into foils is that it not only allows for maximum lift, it also keeps strong products away from already compromised ends.”


2. When you reach the end of the grown-out section, backweave out the existing lowlights.


3. Lay the dark pieces on top of the already-lightened hair and place lightener on those pieces, leaving out the blonde hairs at the bottom of the foil.


4. Place another foil on top, fold it in half and fold in the sides.


Watch Briana use this technique to transform a full head of babylights and balayage to a solid platinum blonde!


Watch the video how-to below