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Last updated: February 26, 2019

Money Piece Foilayage: 5 Tips For A Perfectly Painted Hairline

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Money Piece Foilayage: 5 Tips For A Perfectly Painted Hairline

Her locks could use a refresher, but your low-maintenance client also wants you to work with her natural regrowth. THIS is the highlighting technique you’ll want to use. Not only is a money piece foilayage totally customizable, it’s quick and focuses on mimicking how the sun would organically lighten the front hairline. So BTC Team Member Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros) stopped by The BTC House in West Hollywood to share her money piece foilayage technique—and we pulled her top five tips below!


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1. Analyze The Hairline First

Before she starts foilayaging, Briana always pulls the hair back and analyzes the hairline first. Why? A close look at qualities like baby hairs, widows peaks, whorls and cowlicks allow her to customize the technique for each client. 


2. Start Low

The lowest part of the front hairline is usually the lightest because these hairs are naturally lightened by the sun. To mimic that, Briana starts foilayaging there with the lowest volume developer to ensure they’ll be the lightest section in the end.


Briana says she always accordions the hair, meaning she’ll go up and apply lightener, then go down and apply lightener and then go up again and apply lightener.


3. Briana’s Foil Folding Technique

To help fight slippage when detailing the hairline, Briana follows her “Anti-Gravity Fold” because it prevents the foils from budging as she works. Here’s what she does:

  • Double-fold the foil first, then crease each side where you painted the hairline.
  • Then, the key is to bend the bottom up just a little. 
  • See how Briana does it in the gif below! 



Note: For baby hairs and shorter pieces, Briana pre-rips smaller sized foils. For longer pieces on the hairline, she’ll use a regular sized foil.


4. Work With The Client’s Part

Starting in the front hairline area and making sure every hair is lightened there first helps to not to dictate your client’s parting, as she can move it and not worry about the lightened pieces being hidden.


5. Controlling The Side Sections

Are the side sections getting in your way? Use the top foils to hold them out of the way since it’s pretty much impossible to fit a clip there. Doing this helps with your control and allows you to seamlessly paint around the head.



Check out the gorgeous finished look below!



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