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Last updated: April 23, 2020

5 Genius Haircolor Tips From Instagram

5 Genius Color Tips From Instagram Videos Posts Removing Cotton Section Size Toning 101 Winterize Blondes Blending Gray In The Hairline
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5 Color Tips From Instagram You’ll Want To Save ASAP

Have a quick minute between clients? Why not squeeze in some fast education? Below, we’re sharing five posts from our Instagram that break down genius haircolor tips for removing stubborn cotton, toning, determining section sizes, winterizing blondes and blending gray in the hairline. Keep scrolling to check ’em out!



1. The Technique For Removing Cotton from @abbeybrookee


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🚨TIP ALERT!!!!🚨 • As I apply my bleach root retouch I place cotton in between my sections so it creates air flow so the bottom half of her head does not over heat and expand the bleach to overlap. • BUT anyone else know how annoying it is to take out cotton from the hair?!? I started removing the cotton right before I go to the sink. I stick my color brush right up close to my clients scalp and pull! All the cotton comes out in one shot! (Wait till middle of video to see!) • Ps I just uploaded a new YouTube video on the what color brush I use for what service and why! So if you would like to check it out head to my YouTube Abbey Brookee 💗

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2. Section Size Matters from @josievilay



3. Toning 101 from @stevievincentstudios


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* The More You Know 🌈🌈🌈 … Toner/Client EDITION by @stevievincentstudios 😜 ・・・ ✌🏻 TONER 101 ⬇️ There’s a lot of talk about what toners are, so here is the scoop. In short, a toner is ANY pigment applied to create, neutralise or change an existing pigment. It changes and refines the tone of your colour, hence – a toner. We can use almost any colour we have in stock as a toner – and we usually do! Toner will however make you cooler, warmer, or deeper etc… Now, what a toner won’t do is make you blonder. The only thing that can get you blonder, is by lightening the hair – So let’s get rid of that myth! Toner will last anywhere from 2-6 weeks on your hair, but a top up at 3 weeks is usually the way to go!✌🏻 #behindthechair #btcstevievincentstudios #hairtoner #salonlife #haircolorist #BTCQUICKIE #BTCthemoreyouknow

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4. How To Winterize Blondes from @hairmeroar


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* The More You Know🌈🌈🌈 … WINTERIZING BLONDES … by @hairmeroar (so nice seeing yew at #oneshothairawards Jamie! ❤😘) … 🤗 Save this post! Here is a visual of what a “root smudge” or “shadow root” can look like. This is the same client, toned two different ways, with and without her foils smudged out. A shadow root is usually put on after a highlight to create a “rooty” look for a softer growout. A softer growout = longer time between appointments! This is also a nice way to “winterize” your blonde without going dark. ✨ #btchairmeroar #hairdressermagic #BTCthemoreyouknow #salonlife #blonde #shadowroot #balayage #behindthechair #fallhairinspo #shadowroot #bobs #hairstylistproblems

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5. Blending Gray In The Hairline With BLONDE from @brianacisneros


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* Blending Gray Hairline w/ Blonde – LOVE THIS! ❤ … by #btcFAM @brianacisneros 😘 ・・・ 🔊 (Tap for audio explanation) I started with how to anchor your foils in close and tight to the scalp. Taking fine sections is absolutely crucial when working close to the scalp. Also make sure that when you are folding the foil up towards the head you are not pulling it away from the scalp at the same time. Back to back slices can be used to create a heavier blonde around the hairline, while A much finer pick up in your highlight can be used throughout the top and crown area to maintain more depth and incorporate more of their natural color. Megan likes her hair on the brighter side with no warmth so I stay away from base colors that expose too much warmth. I also do not need to tone her if I just use purple shampoo on her, she enjoys the brightness and does not want something too ashy. The key🔑 is to lighten the blonde to that perfect shade of pale (super pale) yellow. This was a very simple touch up appointment that she only needs to come back in for every 8- 10 weeks as it will grow out extremely natural and even look better and better with a bit of re-growth that adds depth. I very rarely ever have to pull through lightener on her ends, once the amount of lightness is established through the ends the rest is simple! Her hair appointments take no longer than 1 1/2- 2 hours start to finish… if only it was always that easy 🤔😜🤓🤗 #btcbrianacisneros #hairbybrianacisneros #wellahair #behindthechair @wellahairusa #btcwella #BTCQUICKIE #grayhair #ashblonde #haircolorist

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