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Last updated: May 31, 2022

4 Foilayage Placements for Brighter Blends

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Struggling to blend when foiling? Try these 4 techniques!

Here at BTC, we believe in working smarter not harder. So if your foilayage is resulting in harsh lines of demarcation or disconnected sectioning—we’re here to help! We tapped BTC Team Members to share their go-to foilayage placements to get the blend (and lift) you want. 


Keep scrolling for four must-know foil placements and the perfect client for each. Plus, snag some toning tips to complete any look. 


Flash toning blondes: You NEED this!


Placement #1: V-Section 

Perfect for: Clients requesting a full highlight service 

Clients asking for bright blonde for the summer? BTC Team Member Taylor Dellatorre (@taylordidmyhair) uses her “V” pattern sectioning to create strategic high points of brightness and depth.


Check out the steps below!


  • Start by weaving and teasing a horizontal section at the nape. Paint the lightener on the section in a V-section keeping the high points towards the face for a natural blend.


  • Next, take a V-section parting and paint lightener on a diagonal for each section, keeping the product closest to the face. Repeat the sectioning pattern until you reach the crown. 


  • At the crown, apply a teasylight to create a blended veil of color over the interior depth. 


  • On the sides, take horizontal partings and paint the lightener on a diagonal bringing the product toward the face to create a subtle face frame. 


Toning Tip: “Always lift to the desired toning level or higher,” Taylor explains. “This is so important to achieve the correct shade your client is requesting!” 


For further tone insurance, Taylor uses the Color Wear Gloss Toner from Alfaparf Milano. “They process so true to tone, there are never any surprises for the finished results,” she adds.


Hit play for a full tutorial on this foilayage placement! 

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Placement #2: Side sectioning 

Perfect for: Low maintenance clients requesting a soft money piece

When clients request “some brightness around their face,” Taylor uses her side-sectioning placement. Why? It not only creates a natural blend but also a seamless grow out. Do we have your attention?


Check out the steps below!


  • Start with a horizontal weave right above the ear. Paint the lightener on a diagonal bringing the highest point toward the face. 


  • Continue taking horizontal sections until you reach the part line. 


  • Repeat placement on the opposite side, keeping weaves small and feathering the product up for a seamless blend.


Pro Tip: Avoid bleed spots by back folding foils and using your tail comb to readjust and secure. 


Watch the video below for more pro tips!

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Placement #3: Tipping out the ends

Perfect for: Clients looking to brighten dull ends

Ever finish foiling and think: These ends could use a little refresh? We’ve all been there! Lucky for all of us, BTC Team Member Ashley Smith (@paintedbyashleymarie) shared her pro tips for tipping out! 


  • Overdirect the hair toward the face.
  • Tease the entire section and secure the hair with a balayage board comb. 
  • Paint the lightener at an angle.
  • Direct the hair back to it’s natural fall.


Toning Tip: Avoid lines of demarcation by applying your toner formula to towel dried hair. Taylor explains why: “Damp hair is more forgiving. So, I will use a lightweight brush to apply Color Wear Gloss Toner and then use my fingers to melt the product further,” she explains. 


Hit play to learn this must-have blend insurance technique! 

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Placement #4: Ponylights

Perfect for: The client that loves wearing her hair up

Adding some pops of brightness to the back hairline is an extra step that can build client loyalty. Just because they can’t see it, doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it. Taylor shared her quick ponylights application that goes a long way:


  • Start by doing two to three back-to-back babylights on a slight angle behind each ear. 


  • Take a center, horizontal section to connect the two sides and paint a babylight. “I like to place babylights at the back hairline for a softer blend,” Taylor explains. “But, if your client is looking for something bolder, you can use a slice,” she adds. 


  • Apply three back-to-back foils in each section for a cohesive hairline.

Toning Tip: Foiling the back hairline can be scary. Taylor’s advice? “Use a lower volume developer when lifting and choose a toner with a gentle formula. I love how conditioning the Color Wear Gloss Toners make my clients hair feel after lightening. The toners are free from ammonia and silicone so my client’s hair feels soft and silky when styling,” she explains. 


Clients want the perfect pony? Click play below! 

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