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Last updated: July 16, 2021

5 Tips To Keep Clients Coming Back

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How To Use Social Media To Build Client Loyalty

You could be the best hairdresser out there, but the only way to guarantee full books and a successful salon biz is client loyalty. 👏 We tuned in to Wella’s WE Create digital event and were super inspired by the juicy business tips we learned, especially on client retention! Keep scrollin’ for five easy ways to keep clients coming back.


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1. Stay Connected: From Virtual Consultations To Follow-Up Emails

If there’s one thing we learned from the pandemic, it’s that our clients want to feel comfortable and taken care of—every detail counts! That’s why Robert Eaton (@robertjeaton) says the KEY to building client loyalty is to start offering quick virtual consultations.


Virtual consultations will ease client anxiety, manage expectations and show guests that you are excited about planning for their upcoming appointments. Bonus: It will help you make a game plan for the week ahead of you!


Here are a few tips to get prepared:


  • Schedule 15 to 30 minutes to cover as much info as possible.
  • Ask clients what they love about their hair, challenges they are facing and what they want to change.
  • Come prepared with mood boards! Have photos ready to give clients an idea of what you can do for them.
  • Be ready to talk about after care, retail and any other must-know info that comes with doing a specific technique.


Reminder: Don’t forget to send a follow-up email that breaks down at-home maintenance and a timeline for their next appointments.


Blonde Balayage Client Mood Board
Be prepared with mood boards! For example: Clients coming in for balayage? Show them different shades and tones.


2. The Secret To Client Retention

The easiest way to keep clients coming back is PRE-BOOKING. Renya Xydis (@renyaxydis) makes sure that the floor manager re-books clients for their next three services. Salon owners: That way, when a client calls and wants a fast appointment and you can’t schedule them—it might be time to hire another hairdresser.


3. Use Positive Comments To Gain New Clients

Every client is important, stresses Briana Cisneros (@brianacisneros). Not only do you have the opportunity to retain that guest, but now you have the potential to gain more clients from referrals. Use Instagram to highlight testimonials!


Try this: Screenshot positive comments, post the “testimonial” on IG stories and tag the client. Remember, once you start building client relationships online, feedback and testimonials will come naturally. But don’t just stay in contact, stay connected.


Here are a few great tips for communicating with clients on Instagram:


  • Be personal! Use your clients’ names and call out what you’re seeing on their page, like a new puppy or their kids.
  • Share any info to help them get ready for their upcoming appointment.
  • No client shaming! If a client tried DIY hair in quarantine, offer solutions and reassure them that you’re there to help.


how to communicate with clients @brianacisneros
Don’t forget to engage with clients and be personal!


4. Make Shopping For Retail Easier

Your clients most likely want to order their products online, like they do everything else! To make sure they’re buying directly from you instead of going somewhere else, here are a few tips for making the most of your retail website from Matthias Herzberg (@matherzberg).


  • Make sure the website is clean and organized.
  • Create an E-shop with websites like Shopify that make it easy to create a branded design. Click here to check out Wella’s guide to creating an online shop!
  • Marketing! Send out an e-mail announcing the site launch, post on social and update with new products regularly to keep it fresh.


5. Create Posts To Address Client Hair Questions

Getting a lot of questions from clients in the DMs? This is a great way to get intel into what ALL of your clients are experiencing. Here’s an idea from Briana! Create an IG post that offers solutions to your clients’ needs.


  • Respond to the message: “Hey, I’m going to make a public post about this because your ideas, questions and insight is so brilliant. So, be on the lookout for that this week!”


  • Compile popular questions from clients into a public post. For example: roots, split ends and at-home styling. Make it visible and accessible to everybody.


Here’s Why It Works

People will feel taken care of without having to spend time messaging every client back individually. Just like that, you’ve maintained your position as their go-to professional resource and you’ve become irreplaceable!


Here’s an example from Briana’s IG!

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