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Last updated: April 23, 2024

3 Ways To Support Your Hairstylist Without Booking An Appointment

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How To Support Your Hairdresser When You Can’t Book An Appointment

IYCMI: Hairdresser Appreciation Day is April 25 and BTC wants every client to know you CAN support your hairstylist without booking an appointment. Whether a salon visit isn’t in your budget, your schedule is changing or your hair goals are in tandem—social media, retail and local support just scratch the surface of how you can help.


1. Where Your Hairstylist Needs You On Social Media

Instagram is a powerful business tool for hairdressers. Some stylists build a loyal clientele solely online; However, the Instagram algorithm measures “quality accounts” through the combined number of views, likes, comments, shares and saves a post gets.


How do you help? Interact with your hairstylist’s posts! Here’s how to uplift your stylist on social:


  • Share posts with friends, save posts for inspiration and interact with our posts. Tag us when you take a selfie when you’re having a good hair day.” –@mrod_styles 


  • Post about your hair appointments and post photos tagging your stylist! Spreading the word about how happy you are helps your stylist stay busy.” –@jodythebeautyniche 


  • Tag them in your photos and share how the service has made your morning routine better.” –@christinabeeartistry


Mary Redpath (@manesbymaryyyy) earned over 8k likes on her IG post where she shared three ways for clients to support stylists when a hair appointment isn’t a priority. Check them out below:


  • “Refer your friends! This means so much more to us than you could imagine. And we love getting to meet the people in your life,” Mary shares.


  • “Leave a nice review! Stylists have automated texts, Facebook pages, Google pages, Yelp, etc. that you can use to leave a few kind words to let people know you recommend them,” she adds. Bonus points if you leave reviews across multiple platforms!


  • “Like/share our work on social media! If you see something of you/your friend/something you think is cool—like it and share it. Your stylist’s heart will flutter when they notice. We see and appreciate you guys who do all of those wonderful things for us, and it means so much! We couldn’t do this without you,” she concludes.


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A post shared by MARY REDPATH | QUAD CITIES HAIRSTYLIST (@manesbymaryyyy)


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2. Did You Know About The Power Of Online Retail?

Another fantastic way to support your hairstylist is buying products directly from them in the salon; but, if you’re not coming in-person for an appointment, there’s another way…


Many hairdressers work with your favorite brands (Think amika, L’Oreal Professionnel, Redken, Hairstory and more!) to offer you the products you need in an easily accessible way. Affiliate shopping links allow hairdressers to earn commission when you make purchases, putting dollars in your stylist’s pocket and helping them meet their bottom line.


To see if your stylist is participating in one of these programs, simply click the link in their Instagram bio where you can find their affiliate links.


Where to find your hairstylist’s link in bio on Instagram:

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3. Give The Gift Of Continued Education

Every hairstylist invests in continued education, you can be part of that journey—when your hairdresser learns, they’re able to grow and deliver the highest-quality services to you. BTC University is the largest online education library for hairdressers offering over 250 classes from the hair industry’s best educators in haircutting, color, styling and business.


Here’s just a few courses your stylist could master through your gift:


Click here to gift a subscription to BTC University.


Bonus! If You Are Able To Book, 3 Ways To Be The Best Client

To support them in the salon, follow these courteous client tips from Jody O’Neill Maginnis (@jodythebeautyniche):


  • Showing up on time means getting there before your appointment so we can begin at the scheduled time, not walking in the door,” Jody advises.


  • Schedule adequate time or leave extra time before your next errand. We can’t control time and can not guarantee your finishing time that exact,” she adds.


  • Be courteous with the times you call. Text in working hours, not just when it’s convenient for you at 6 a.m. or 9 p.m.,” she concludes.


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