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Last updated: January 17, 2023

The Angel Haircut: Why This Cut Is Going Viral

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What To Do If Your Client Requests An Angel Cut

TikTok is known for creating massive viral trends almost instantaneously: Wolf Cuts, off-duty model buns, velcro rollers—the limit does not exist. But thanks to hairstylist and leading TikTok creator Leda Fazal (@ledafazal), there’s another critical salon trend making headlines: The Angel Cut.


What does it mean when a client asks for an “Angel Cut?”

While the Angel Cut may sound like another internet-famous look, it’s actually a code word clients can use to ask for help. Influenced by bars and restaurants using the term ‘Angel Shot’ to help patrons that don’t feel safe, Leda explained that she wanted something like this to help clients in the beauty industry.


“It’s kind of like a spin off of the Angel Shot—that clients can ask for an Angel Cut. I looked up ‘Angel Cut’ and saw it didn’t exist. So we decided to do it,” Leda says. “So if [a client] comes in and asks for an Angel Cut, I’ll carefully stop what I’m doing and call the authoritieswhether it be the hotline for human trafficking or the policeand make sure that this person is safe. We could be a safety zone for these people.”


Leda creates skits so stylists can see how to handle an Angel Cut client.

@ledafazal If you ask for an “Angel Cut” no questions asked and authorities will be called. Imagine this teen boy getting to reunite with his family. Please do what you can do this can reach as many hairstylists, hair salons, barbers shops etc 💙 #angelcut #humantraffickingawareness #hairsalon #barbershop #barber #hairstylist #ledafazal #hairtok #angelcutwithlayers #humantraffickingsurvivor #hairdresser ♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot


Angel Cut vs. Angel Cut with layers: What’s the difference?

Leda created two different code names to help clients in distress: ‘Angel Cut’ and ‘Angel Cut with layers.’ The difference between the two is very important:


  • Angel Cut: The client is in immediate danger and police need to be contacted immediately.
  • Angel Cut with layers: The client is being forced to get a haircut against their will and the stylists will refuse the service.


“I was thinking about all those people who come in for what’s called a ‘punishment cut.’ They don’t want to be there,” Leda explains. “Angel Cut with layers means we will stop immediately—no questions asked. The police do not need to be called in.”


Watch Leda’s reaction to a client asking for an Angel Cut vs. an Angel Cut with layers:

@ledafazal I know there’s been a lot of confusion and I hope this clears it up. I also did not expect this to blow up the way it has and I pray that neither party has to ever experience this situation, but I also want you to be prepared if you do. Human trafficking and domestic violence is more prevalent than you think and it’s not uncommon to see situations like this in the salon. Being an individual that has been on both sides I wish these code words have existed in the past. These simple words would have saved me personally from a lot of trauma. Many salons have reached out to me to let me know they will be implementing this into their guidelines, while some have left the most rude comments saying it’ll never work. I just pray that if a person in need of your help comes into the salon, barbershop etc, and asks for this that the stylist does the right thing. Huge credit for all this awareness goes to @Benjispears, creator of the “Angel Shot” and inspiration for the “Angel Cut” 💓 #angelcut #angelcutwithlayers #domesticabuseawareness #humantraffickingawareness #domesticviolencesurvivor #hairstylist #ledafazal #hairdresser #cosmetology #cosmetologyschool #angelshot ♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot


A client just asked for an Angel Cut. What’s the next step?

To avoid any danger to the stylist or the client, it’s critical that salon workers stay calm if someone requests an Angel Cut—even at the reception desk! Leda checks her Angel Cut clients in, speaks to them discreetly about the situation, and appears to carry on the appointment as usual while another stylist contacts the police.


Here’s how to react when a client asks for an Angel Cut:

@ledafazal It’s important to keep calm and natural if someone comes in asking for an “Angel Cut” @Ajmami was the perfect example from the Receptionist POV #angelcut #angelcutwithlayers #ledafazal #hairstylist #hairsalon #hairtok #humantraffickingawareness #domesticabuseawareness #hairedu #salonowner ♬ original sound – Leda


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Hairstylists have a special power to help their clients.

Clients spend hours with their stylist—sometimes on a regular basis. While discreet posters, infographics and hotlines can help victims or point them in the right direction, an actual person they can talk to can possibly take it a step further.


“These women at home who are being domestically abusedI don’t think they realize that their hairstylist is probably one of the most special people in their lives because they are always with them,” Leda says. “You can only do so much so you don’t impose on people, but I think clients should know that we are a safety zone and we can do something for them.”


With these code names, stylists can help clients who aren’t getting their hair done willinglylike this “buliage:”

@ledafazal Emotional abuse has no age. Unfortunately this is something I have seen quite often and it’s not ok. #angelcut #angelcutwithlayers #greyblending #grayblending #greyhairdontcare #hairdresser #hairtok #hairstylist #emotionalabusesurvivor #emotionalabuse #ledafazal ♬ original sound – Leda HAIR 👑


What are some other signs stylists can watch out for?

While Leda acknowledges hairdressers can only do so much about violence outside their salon, she encourages stylists to keep an eye out—especially for controlling, overbearing parents or partners.


“I feel like it’s really those women that come in with their husbands right next to them. I think that’s the biggest sign something weird is going on—what husband is going to this hair or nail appointment?” Leda points out. “That’s probably the biggest thing that we’re gonna have to teach hairstyles: How to tell the guy to go so they can even talk to these women.”


Angel Cut lingo can also help stylists with difficult clients.

Unfortunately, many stylists have had to deal with a difficult or inappropriate client. Leda has a angel-themed code word for that as well. All a stylist needs to do is tell a coworker that they need help with an ‘Angel Cut using a guideline,’ and steps will be taken to remove that client from the salon.


Just tell your coworker you need help with an “Angel cut using a guideline:”

@ledafazal And sometimes the hairstylist needs help too 😟Having a co-worker, manager, or maybe someone reliable you can text if you work alone can help rescue you from situations like this. #hairstylist #angelcut #angelcutwithlayers #ineedhelpwiththisAngelCut #ledafazal #hairstylist #FlexEveryAngle #fyp #hairstylistsoftiktok #angelshot ♬ оригинальный звук – volcogot


The Angel Cut was inspired by Leda’s personal experiences.

Leda’s motivation to spread domestic violence awareness has deep roots in her personal and salon experiences, from her father forcing her (and a stylist) to get an ultra short bang as a punishment cut to clients impacted by domestic violence.


“I’ve done so many videos on domestic violence and human trafficking, so it’s not new to me. I’ve been preaching this stuff for years on TikTok and Facebook and everywhere because I personally grew up in child abuse, and my mother and my stepmother were both domestically abusedI have a history of it,” Leda shares. “So I thought we could really use this in the salon.”


What are some other ways to ask for help?

Those seeking confidential shelter and aid from domestic violence can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline that’s available to call 24 hours a day, every day at 800-799-7233. The Hotline can also be contacted via text by texting “START” to 88788, or by using a live chat at