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Last updated: December 22, 2021

The Biggest Hair Trends On TikTok In 2021

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Every Hair Trend That Went Viral On TikTok This Year

If you walked around your salon singing, “Caught a vibeee!” or spent your breaks scrollin’ on the FYP, then you saw A LOT of hair videos on the internet this year. From Gen Z learning the importance of a *velcro roller* to our clients requesting the wolf cut all summer long—we’re sharing the best hair trends we spotted on TikTok in 2021. 


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1. Velcro Roller Sets 

We don’t like to say, “We told you so 😉,” but we predicted the roller revival making a big comeback in 2021. Gen Z discovered velcro rollers for the first time—and our favorite way to create voluminous, face-framing blowouts bounced back onto the trend radar! 


Blowout Guide: Rollers Sets + Round Brushes



The final product is 👏

♬ original sound – ACQUIRED STYLE



2. Bubble Ponies 

Post-quarantine, our FYPs were flooded with DIY hair tutorials and Y2K beauty trends—so it’s no surprise that bubble ponies made a BIG appearance. The wave of NYC fashion students taking over TikTok showed us cool updates on the throwback style. 


Bubble Ponies: 5 Styling Tips To Try Right Now



Bubble pigtails to the rescue #tutorial #hairstyle #easy

♬ Send Me on My Way – Vibe Street


3. Wolf Cut 

The “wolf cut” takes both of the year’s top trends, the mullet and the shag, and fuses them into one. Our fave elements of summer 2021’s viral haircut: An ultra-layered face frame, disconnection and major volume throughout the crown. With K-Pop origins and a nod to Y2K punk nostalgia, it’s no surprise this look is a cult favorite. 


The Wolf Cut: Everything You Need To Know



had a breakdown so i got a wolf cut #wolfcut #mullet #haircut

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo



4. Heatless Overnight Curls 

Two things you didn’t think would be trending on HairTok: Socks and robe belts! But that’s exactly how users transformed their hair into waves or curls overnight (without heat!)—sharing every step on the internet, of course! 


3 Heatless Wave Sets You Need To Try



trying out some hairstyles out of my comfort zone 😅 #heatlesscurls #robecurls

♬ Buttercup – Jullian & Sophie Wood


5. Fluffy Bombshell Blowouts 

If one trend defined this year, it was the ’90s supermodel blowout à la Cindy Crawford. Not only do we love to see bouncy, face-framing volume—but the best part of this trend revival: Hairdressers can upsell and charge for add-on blowout services! 


20+ Retro Blowouts You Need Right Now



Fall season = Best silk presses & blowouts 🥰❤️ #90shair #90sblowout #layeredhaircut #layers #hairvideo #hairstyletutorial #haircut #blowoutlook #blackhair #dojacat #curlyhair #fypシ #love #cute #hairtutorial #curly

♬ You Right – Doja Cat & The Weeknd


6. Jumbo Box Braid Transformations

From traditional box braids to jumbo knotless, we spent a lot of 2021 watching protective styling quickie tutorials. What do we love about TikTok? We’re able to see an amazing transformation from start to finish in under a minute!


Jumbo Knotless: 3 Tension Tips For Maintaining Control



Had leftover purple braiding so I decided to do jumbo braids with them 💟 ##fyp##jumboboxbraids##purplebraids

♬ Gimme More – Britney Spears



7. Curtain Bangs

“Gorgeous, gorgeous girls love curtain bangs!” The trendy fringe allows clients to maintain longer lengths, while adding movement around the face frame. Often paired with a shag or long layers, curtain bangs became a cool-girl staple on the internet.


5 Tips For Cutting Curtain Bangs On Any Client



my favorite way to blow dry my bangs since 2017 😬

♬ Perfect x Style – lifebymichael



8. Sleek Model-Off Duty Knots 

From vintage claw clips to low buns, Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo’s favorite off-duty look—the sleek and spiky topknot—was recreated all over our FYPs this year. Paired with an oversized blazer or athleisure, we are forever obsessed with this slicked-back style. 


Get The Look: Dixie D’Amelio’s Sleek + Spiky Topknot



filmed this for insta🤎 #fyp #hairtutorial #bellahadidhairstyle #bellahadid #slickbun #fashion #hairstyle #foryou #makeup #tutorial #brownaesthetic

♬ Streets – Doja Cat

9. Feather Hair Extensions

Throw it back to the 2000s when “Tik Tok” was simply your favorite Ke$ha song—feather extensions were the moment. Fast forward to 2021: Addison Rae posted a video in her car with FEATHERS in her hair. You loved them, you hated them, but the Y2K extension trend definitely made an appearance this year. 


Feather Extensions Are Back? Get The Tips!


#stitch with @addisonre I knew it 😐 #feathersinmyhair #feathers #bohostyle #boho #bohohair #bohohairstyle #featherextensions

♬ original sound – Lisa Danaë ® on Spotify 💜


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