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Last updated: April 29, 2022

Feather Extensions Are Back?! What You Should Know…

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Your Client Wants Feather Extensions, Now What?

It’s 2009, your lime green iPod Mini is playing a Ke$ha song and your Juicy Couture shoulder bag is stacked with NYX roll-on body glitter and Juicy Tubes lip gloss minis—and you’re obviously rocking feather hair extensions. Flash forward a decade: TikTok and Kourtney Kardashian’s bestie Addison Rae is showing Gen Z what the Y2K trend is all about.


What does this mean for you? Clients may be requesting feather extensions again, so we dug into the archives for some tips on how to charge for this service! Just keep scrollin’.


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How To Charge For Bundles vs. Individual Extensions


  • Sell in bundles, between 2 and 5 feathers.
  • Offer bundle vs. individual prices. For example: Charge $40 for 3 extensions, or $15 for an individual extension.
  • To get the word out, offer a discount for those first Gen Z clients, so they post about it and show their friends that you’re the go-to spot for feathers.


Pro Tip: Keep bundles displayed by the front desk and retail area, so you have the instant opportunity to offer feather extensions to clients as an add-on before they sit in your chair!


Offer Feather Add-Ons To Services

Finish haircuts and color services with feather extension applications. Charge in bundles or à la carte for each feather. Make sure to communicate with clients if feathers can be washed and heat styled! Then, show them how during the styling process.  


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Instagram via @addisonrae


Music Festival Pre-Party Idea

Festivals are officially back, so here’s an idea! If a client and her friends are headed to a weekend fest, offer a special deal to invite them in together to get feathers. This is also the perfect opportunity to offer as an add-on to braids and buns, OR a semi-permanent pastel moment.  


Make Sure Clients Know You’re Offering Feathers

While Millennials may cringe at the thought of a feather return, Gen Z clients will be drawn to feather extensions because of the internet’s Y2K pop culture revival. Be strategic where you promote feather services—think IG stories, the grid and TikTok! Don’t hold back with early 2000s references and memes that will live rent-free in their minds.



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