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Last updated: January 04, 2022

How To Choose Rollers For Every Hair Type

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Hair Rollers: 4 Different Types & How To Use Them

The mega-volume blowout look has made a huge comeback—and we’re so here for it. Achieve the look with proper tools and tips that best complement your client’s hair type! Keep reading for everything you need to know about different roller styles, finishing techniques and pro tips to nail all the bouncy curl requests coming your way. 


1. Hot Rollers

Yep, that plug-in box in the back of Mom’s vanity—they’re back! Hot rollers are perfect for second-day hair that fell flat or for hair that struggles to hold a curl. Hot rollers can be placed super close to the roots (unlike a curling iron) and cools the curls in the exact shape they were molded. This gives stylists confidence knowing their client’s hair will last all day AND creates wiggle room to check on other clients while the rollers are setting. *A win-win!* 


Pro Tip: Use smaller rollers for major volume on fine hair. The curls will set tightly, but when cooled, they can be brushed out for a soft, wind-swept effect!


Check out @omgartistry using BaBylissPro® hot rollers for the trendy blowout look:

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2. Plastic Rollers 

An oldie but a goodie—for a reason! Yene Damtew (@yenedamtew) shares a few tips for perfecting plastic roller sets on clients with naturally curly hair. 

  1. Hair should just be damp, not soaking wet before rolling. “My goal is 30 to 40 minutes of dry time,” says Yene. 
  2. Prep and protect the hair before drying—Yene uses MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk Leave-In Conditioner on her client. 
  3. Make sure the hair is fully dry especially at the root before removing rollers. 
  4. Practice makes perfect! Grab a mannequin, your own hair or a friend to practice roller placement. 


Pro Tip: Wrap the hair TAUTLY around the rollers. Natural curls and texture need to be laid flat against a roller to hold the shape and dry properly around the roller. 


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3. Velcro Rollers

Celeb Stylist Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) demos how he uses velcro rollers to create his iconic, volumized looks. Velcro rollers are a great option for longer hair that needs a soft style with long-lasting hold. The small bristles on velcro rollers mimic a round brush to create airy “supermodel curls” when taken out. 


Pro Tip: Overdirecting rollers forward in the Mohawk section will help create volume at the roots. This creates natural movement by drying the roots in the opposite direction they will be styled!


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4. Hourglass Rollers

Cylinder rollers can sometimes struggle to hold heavy hair—hourglass rollers are great for hair with a lot of density. The shape of the rollers allows dense sections to twist around the roller fully while creating an even curl. Begin at one end of the roller and let the hair twist towards the center of the roller and back up the other end. Voilà—gorgeous curls that are symmetrical and long-lasting!


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Roller Sizing Hack

Depending on your client’s hair type, it can be tricky to know which roller sizes to pick! Keep in mind that rollers are meant to curl and set the hair in a specific shape—so sometimes, there is little room for touch-ups once the style is cooled. @mattloveshair helps break down the purpose of each roller size for desired lift, volume and curl. 


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Everyone’s Doing It

SPOTTED: Celebs like Hailey Bieber are all over the rollers’ comeback thanks to @jenatkinhair—(& the fun IG content is just a bonus!)


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@jessiejamesdecker hopped on the trend from her kitchen!

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@bykileyfitz got Addison Rae photoshoot ready with her velcro roller set.

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Gen Z is on board, too via @emmachamerblain’s IG!

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And of course, the OG. 

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