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Last updated: May 03, 2021

Watch: 3 Styling Tricks To Enhance Volume

Prep The Hair For Gorgeous Volume With These 3 Tips

Create hair that doesn’t fall flat with these volumizing tips from Ulta Beauty Chief Artistic Director Ammon Carver (@ammoncarver). Keep scrolling to get his expert advice on creating the ideal hair texture for grip, how to quickly add volume at the roots and his trick for achieving long-lasting curls. Check out the finished look and then watch the full video tutorial above to see Ammon create two gorgeous styles from the foundation of one!


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1. Use Product To Add Grip To The Hair

Before you begin styling, assess the state of the client’s hair. Ammon says to think of the hair like a fabric. Does it feel silky to the touch or rough and starchy? To create the grip needed for long-lasting volume, the hair must have a starchy, cotton-like texture. To achieve that, product is the way to go. Do this to add grip:


  • Wet Hair: Simply apply a mousse or a gel to wet strands to add texture.


  • Dry Hair: Apply a dry texture spray to add grip to dry hair. Ammon prefers to use the L’ANZA Healing Haircare Healing Style Dry Texture Spray.


Check Out The Finished Looks!

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2. Add Styling Foam At The Roots For Volume

Add body and revive flat, day-two hair by adding styling foam at the roots. Styling foam contains alcohol, which helps absorb oil at the scalp and dries quicker than wetting the hair down.


Ammon adds volume at the roots by applying L’ANZA Healing Haircare Healing Style Design Foam to a comb and running it through the hair. Then he uses the comb to lift the hair up and back, following with a blowdryer for an easy lift at the roots. 


3. Set Curls That Hold Using Hairspray

A trick Ammon swears by to tell if the curls are going to last or fall flat is to look at how they behave once released from the curling iron. If they start to droop on both sides, that’s a sign that not enough product was used. Here’s how Ammon achieves long-lasting curls that hold shape by themselves:


  • First, apply Healing Style Dry Texture Spray to the section you want to curl and comb through to disperse the product.


  • Then, wrap the hair around a curling iron. Start in the middle, move up to the base, then add the ends. This gives the style time to set at the roots and midlengths.


  • Once the hair is heated through, remove the curling iron. The hair should hold it’s shape. If it starts to fall apart, apply more product and redo the steps.


  • Clip the hair in place and move on to the next section.


Pro Tip: If you prefer to use velcro rollers to set the hair, Ammon advises using rollers that are a size smaller than the curling iron used. This allows the hair to set in a shape truer to the curling iron’s barrel size.


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