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Last updated: February 01, 2023

2023’s First Pro Beauty Product Launches

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This Year’s First List Of Brand New Products For Every Hair Junkie

Custom styling collections, innovative dry shampoo technology and NEW shades of go-to formulas have launched for the new year! Dive into the first round of 2023’s new product drops from cult-favorite brands like Olaplex, Redken and more. Scroll through this list to see what’s new—we’ll warn you though, you’ll hit *Add to Cart* a time or two. 


1. Olaplex No. 4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo

A day our industry has been waiting for—a NEW launch from Olaplex! Our Editors had a chance to review this product first-hand and have some A+ remarks to bring back for you.


No. 4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo:

  • Absolutely zero white residues, even on dark hair.
  • Scientifically proven not to damage hair follicles. 
  • Detoxifies the scalp instead of masking oil with a harsh coating.
  • Absorbs oil and sweat without clogging pores.
  • The lightweight, airy formula will not leave a heavy layer on ANY hair type.
  • Dry shampoo is so fine, it does not need to be brushed out! 
  • Perfect for every hair color, texture and type.


Pre-order is available now, secure your spot to be the first to have this at your station! 


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2. Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside NEW Champagne Blondes

It’s no secret that honey blonde, teddy bear blonde and every blonde in between are huge hair color trends this year. Redken came in just in time with their new launch of champagne tones that you’ll want to add to your backbar. 


Here’s the three new shades:

  • 010GRo (Sparkling wine)
  • 09GRo (Blush Spritz)
  • 07GRo (Golden Fizz)


Check out the golden blonde celeb-colorist Matt Rez (@colorbymattrez) created for actress Madelyn Cline using the new shade range: Madelyn Cline’s Golden Blonde + Lowlights


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3. Olivia Garden NewCycle Styling Collection

Style hair and save the planet at the same time with Olivia Garden’s newest launch of their NewCycle brushes. The collection features four different brushes, joining the already popular Thermal Collection series, as a pledge to continue the brand’s pledge of providing sustainable, eco-friendly products for stylists worldwide! 


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4. Matrix Styling Collection

These six station-worthy products may just be all you need to get stylin’ through 2023. The thoughtful curation of six different formulas can cover any stylist’s bases no matter who sits in their chair. Whether you’re looking to shape, slick, style or secure any look—one of these new formulas will have your back. 


Styling Collection breakdown:

  1. Height Riser (volumizing powder)
  2. Fixer Hairspray
  3. Controller Gel
  4. Over Achiever 3-in-1 (pomade)
  5. Refresher Dry Shampoo
  6. Builder Wax Spray


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5. JPMS™ Tea Tree Special Detox

The brand’s best-selling (and stylist fave) Tea Tree line has expanded into gentle detox products that we’re excited about. With scalp care continuing to be a popular conversation with clients, these two products are a shoo-in recommendation to send clients home with.


Tea Tree Special Detox collection:

  1. Tea Tree Special Detox Kombucha Rinse—Infused with apple cider vinegar and kombucha, this clarifying rinse is clinically proven to remove 74 percent of scalp buildup after one use.
  2. Tea Tree Special Detox Foaming Scalp Scrub—Formulated with volcanic ash, pink Himalayan salt and French green clay this scrub polishes the scalp to remove dry skin and buildup. 




6. Line One Hair Round Brush

The minds behind Line One Hair who have single-handedly mastered natural-looking hair styling have created a round brush every artist needs. Since hair extensions are the brand’s expertise, it’s no surprise they’ve created a gentle, effective round brush suitable for any hair type—extensions included! 


The ceramic round brush is made with metal bristles that are designed to glide through the hair without any tugging, Not to mention, the ergonomic handle designed with the stylists’ comfort in mind is always a win-win in our book.



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7. Oribe Hair Alchemy Strengthening Masque

This specially designed formula was made intentionally for weak hair strands. The intense hydration formula restores hair’s elasticity and prevents brittle hair from breaking. This allows hair to grow long and strong without the worry of split ends or damaged hair breaking off (ESPECIALLY during the harsh winter months!) 


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