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Last updated: April 16, 2019

3 Techniques To Achieve Healthy Color & Custom Texture

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Here’s How To Create Bold Color & Texture Without Sacrificing Integrity

“What’s new today is old tomorrow,” shares industry icon, TIGI®️ Founder and International Artistic Director Anthony Mascolo (@anthonymascolo57). So how can you keep your styles relevant, clients happy and creativity fulfilled?! “By constantly building on your education and all the things you do—from the color to cut, keeping the client happy and really understanding what they want.” 


Anthony brought the entire TIGI®️ Professionals team onstage at THE BTC SHOW 2018 for one of the weekend’s most memorable artistic presentations, and our biggest takeaway? Creating highly-textured and colorful looks doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the integrity of your clients’ hair. Here are three techniques for building strong, bright and healthy texture from boundary-pushing artists. 



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1. Try This Blending Technique & Custom Color Add-On Service

Whether your client is requesting bright fashion colors or a more natural-looking look, customize their service by mixing and matching the right products (permanent, gloss, semi, demi, etc.) that will create depth and multi-tonal blending. Here’s how:

  • Aurora Technique: Merge different colors to blend different tones, play on light and mix it up! Christel Lundqvist demoed how she uses TIGI®️’s “Aurora” technique to create a vibrant shadow effect:
    1. Apply TIGI®️ Bed Head Colour Trip Semi-Permanent Pure Violet to the roots.
    2. Then, apply TIGI®️ copyright©olour Gloss from mids to ends for a metallic, high-shine color that will enhance texture.
    3. Work with your hands to blend the different tones together. 



  • Enhance Color Services With Education: “The (all-new) TIGI®️ Copyright Custom Care™ system allows you to offer a customizable experience with the client from the moment they step onto the salon floor to when they go back home and take care of their own hair,” shares Thomas Osborn


Click HERE to watch & learn more about the TIGI®️ Copyright Custom Care™ system!


2. Offer This In-Salon Treatment

If you want to personalize the salon experience and improve client retention, start offering haircare services that start at the backbar—like TIGI® Copyright Custom Care™ SOS Extreme Recovery™ Treatment. BTC Team Member Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair) started using this five-minute service that restores hair to virgin condition LIKE THAT. The result? “The SOS Treatment raises client expectations and elevates every color service,” shares Wesley. 


Shine-infused texture in only 5 mins?! Check out Wesley’s model post-treatment below.


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3. Build Texture During The Haircut

Customize your haircut routine by building texture as you work around the head, especially with heavily-layered cuts and fringe that call for dramatic personalization.

  • Layered Cuts: Whether it’s a midlength shag or face-framing long layers, Zak Mascolo recommends working with a round brush and buckling the hair with the nozzle of the dryer during the haircut. This will bring the client’s texture to life and allow you to manipulate the hair more easily. 
  • Fringe-Cutting: Does your client want to maintain length for flexibility when styling? Akos Bodi preps the fringe with Bed Head Small Talk to enhance texture and support the movement in the fringe section. Then try using irregular channel cutting to remove weight, break up the shape but keep the length versatile.



Watch BTC’s Steph interview Anthony Mascolo right after their mainstage artistic presentation!


The lineup included: Anthony Mascolo (@anthonymascolo57), Zak Mascolo (@zakmascolo), Christel Lundqvist (@christellundqvist1), Thomas Osborn (@thomas.osborn), Akos Bodi (@akosbodi), Richy Kandasamy (@richykanda), Renée Valerie (@renee.valerie), Philip Downing (@philipdowning7), Joel Torres (@joeltorresstyle), Josh Mascolo (@mrjmascolo) and Brian Adelman (@brianadelman). Plus, guest artist and BTC Team Member Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair).


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