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Last updated: January 06, 2022

When To Use Texturizing Shears: Tips From The Cutting Pros

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How To Use Texturizing Shears For Volume, Texture & Weight Removal On Any Haircut

We know, razor-sharp texturizing shears can be intimidating to use—but they’re a must when cutting this year’s trendy customized bobs and seamless blends. Take away the fear (and added bulk!) with these texturizing secrets from our ARC Scissors™ experts. Consider this your go-to guide for all things texture shears (with a couple of hot inspo pics of course). 



Choosing The Right Texturizer

Using the right texturizer is crucial to avoid cutting too much hair. Not only can you alter a desired style with the wrong texturizer, you can also disrupt a client’s natural texture. 


Choose your texturizer based on the amount of hair you want to remove. This will probably vary from cut to cut. Pro Tip: An easy trick to remember for texturizers is that fewer teeth = more hair removal.


Texturizer Quick Guide: 

ARC Scissors™ SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer:

Removes 60-70% of hair


ARC Scissors™ SYMMETRY 28/4 Reversible Thinner

Removes 40% of hair


ARC Scissors™ SYMMETRY 30/2 Reversible Blender:

Removes 15-20% of hair


1. Blend Weight Lines & Remove Bulk

To achieve his signature soft blunt bobs, Chris Jones (@chrisjones_hair) blends the weight line with subtle graduation while keeping length and removing bulk. His secret weapon to achieving this look AND avoiding that “bell-shaped bob”? “The SYMMETRY 30/2 Reversible Blender takes weight off subtly without lines while remaining soft,” says Chris.


When using this technique on clients with thick or coarse hair, Chris switches to the SYMMETRY 28/4 Reversible Thinner. “It has two less teeth than the SYMMETRY 30/2, so it really grabs the hair—allowing for much more control when cutting,” he explains. 


Pro Tip: Mix and match texturizers to create custom cuts with detailed layers, texture or fringe. 

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2. Soften Up Perimeters With This Hack 

Straight razors or scissors can create harsh lines without a lot of movement. Danilo Bozic (@danilo.bozic) uses the SYMMETRY 10/10 Reversible Texturizer to finish a structured bob with soft texture around the perimeter.


Danilo demos using the shear to create blown-out texture through the ends of his client’s hair. This quick hack can be used on any perimeter to soften blunt lines without sacrificing length!

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3. Create Volume Within A Cut

Airy volume is crucial to those effortless-looking, lived-in lobs. Here’s what short hair expert Carolynn Judd (@styled_by_carolynn) does to add movement and avoid hair falling flat:


  • First, she used the 30/2 Reversible Blender to remove 15- 20% of the weight in each section. 
  • “Around the face, I over-directed the hair to the opposite side,” explains Carolynn. “This will keep the length but remove bulk which will allow the hair to move around effortlessly. 
  • After, Carolynn cut 2 inches into the perimeter of the layers to create volume through the top of the haircut. 


“You can use this technique with any haircut to make it a more lived-in look,” she adds.

Photo credit via Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

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