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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Texture, Fringe & Stitching: 3 Cutting And Styling Tips From Moroccanoil®

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Texture, Fringe & Stitching: 3 Cutting And Styling Tips From Moroccanoil®

When you have a busy day of back-to-back appointments, sometimes it’s those quick cutting and styling tricks that keep you going and help you stay on time. And those sort of hair cheats are exactly what the Moroccanoil® team—Kevin Hughes, Briana Cisneros and Liza Espinoza—shared when they took THE BTC SHOW stage this year. So whether you need help creating instant texture, cutting face-framing curtain bangs or securing styles, we’ve got techniques for each—check ’em out below!


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1. Kevin’s Two Texture Techniques



Not only is texture ideal for adding grip and volume to the foundation of your styles but Kevin says it’s also a great way to show off your client’s color, which is why he shared not one but two techniques for creating texture.

  • If you want volume but don’t like to tease, use a crimper about an inch off the base instead—it creates long-lasting texture and only requires minimal teasing.


  • If you need to create texture where there isn’t any, here’s what Kevin does: Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the end of a tail comb. Press a flat iron over it, release and then gently pull it apart for instant texture and volume.


2. How To Cut Face-Framing Curtain Bangs



Curtain bangs may be super on-trend right now, but cutting them so they perfectly frame your client’s face can be tricky because as Briana puts it, “They’re heavy and weighty yet light and airy.” So Briana likes to start by cutting the section underneath with shears to create the foundation. The shorter hairs then push up the longer pieces, establishing your guide. From there, she takes triangular sections and opens and closes her shears—do not drag them—so the longer pieces frame the face.


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3. Secure Styles With Stitching



The problem with elastics and bobby pins is that once you secure the style, it’s set. These tools take away your ability to finesse if need be, which is why Liza sticks to anchor pins and her stitching technique. Here’s what she does:

  • Grab a needle + a thread that’s about the length of two arms and tie one end.
  • Then, take a section of hair and stitch the needle through three times (see gif above). 
  • Finish by doing a “doctor’s knot” three times, then cut the excess thread (see gif below).



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