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Last updated: April 06, 2023

Toning: 5 Fast Purple Shampoo Ideas For Blondes, Silver & Gray

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5 Creative Ways To Tone With Purple Shampoo 

The secret to cool blondes, gray and silver is more simple than you think—toning. But, before you dive into complicated gloss formulations, consider trying something you already have at your backbar to get the job done. Purple shampoo is already your go-to for keeping blondes cool, but we’re sharing creative ways to use it to tone in the salon!


1. Struggling To Achieve Cool Tones? Try This!

You go to rinse lightened hair and it’s time to strategize how to remove underlying warm pigments. Here’s how Jack Martin (@jackmartincolorist), who specializes in silver and gray transformations, finds a quick solution: He towel-dries the hair and applies Schwarzkopf Professional GOODBYE YELLOW™ for 5 minutes, then rinses with cold water.


Here’s Why: Applying a highly-pigmented shampoo is a fast way to remove yellow underlying pigment WITHOUT having to overthink formulation. This step gently cleanses the hair with fast tonal deposit to make cooler tones last longer. 


Watch the toning process below!

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2. Pre-Toning: Don’t Skip This Crucial Step

Let’s break down this smart video below by @hairbykenzie.t. Pre-toning is a KEY step for blondes and pastels for a few reasons:


  • Pre-toning creates a clean, consistent and BRIGHT canvas before applying a final gloss formula.
  • By removing underlying pigments, this will give the client wearable tones as the color fades.
  • Why purple shampoo? Super blonde clients often have highly-processed, porous hair. Using a purple shampoo will be less harsh on their hair and maintain a healthy pH balance.


Peep the breakdown below!

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3. Going Silver: Prevent Harsh Lines Of Demarcation

When @jackmartincolorist is lifting a gray client to silver, getting the natural roots to blend with the lightened hair is a must. To do this, he needs to lift beyond the brassy level. Once the hair is lifted to that level, even if it washes out, it will still blend nicely with the roots, says Jack.


For that level of lift, Jack uses a purple shampoo like GOODBYE YELLOW™ to tone. He takes very thin sections to eliminate the warm line between the bleached hair and the natural roots if they’re darker.


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4. Seeing Yellow? Schedule Toner Refresh Appointments

We all have those clients who always *see yellow* and the easiest way to handle this scenario is by offering toner touch-up services. Let’s say a client comes in every 8 weeks for foils. Schedule a toner refresh—a quick purple shampoo rinse at the bowl—and trim between bigger appointments for blonde maintenance. 


Pro Tip For Longer-Lasting Cool Tones:

Clients who want cool tones MUST invest in their blondes at home, too! We know that drugstore products will create build-up, dull out blondes and leave their hair looking brassy. Explain that a purple shampoo like GOODBYE YELLOW™ has a formula with a pH level of 4.5—basically, this means their color will last longer.


Check out the major difference below!

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5. How To Extend Silver + Gray Color Transformations

We typically only see before and after photos on Instagram, and it leaves us wondering, how did the color hold up? That’s why @jackmartincolorist shows his transformation journeys, like this four-month process. So, what’s his big secret to making silver and gray last?


  • Make sure the client follows maintenance instructions. Here were Jack’s crucial at-home steps:
    • Use purple shampoo to maintain coolness.
    • Shampoo once a week with cold water.
    • Eliminate the use of hot tools.
    • Use a conditioning mask once a week.
  • Bring the client in for a toner and a trim between services.


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