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Last updated: August 27, 2021

Watch: ’90s Bombshell Blowout Secrets

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4 Blowout Tips For Gorgeous Body

Nothing says ’90s quite like the bombshell blowout. With the holidays coming up, West Coast Beauty, Inc. went live with Flow™ Director of Education Melanie Bolton (@melanie_flowhaircare) to demonstrate how to get the look for your clients in 25 minutes from start to finish. Scroll down to grab her blowout tips for gorgeous body and check out the finished look!


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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Prep is crucial to achieving the desired finish look and working smarter, not harder, to save time. Start by rough-drying the roots to about 85 to 90 percent dry, then determine next steps. For example, if the client wants volume at the crown, lift the hair at the roots while drying.



Pin The Curls To The Head

What makes a ’90s blowout style different from a modern day blowout is the way the hair is pulled away from the face at the roots. Make sure to pull the hair back when blowdrying to create a similar affect. To get the full look, follow these steps:


  • Using a round brush, pull the hair up and curl the brush around the hair. Make sure the blowdryer is following the brush on high heat.


  • Let the brush sit for a second, then remove it from the hair.


  • Wrap the curl around the fingers and pin it to the head. Continue until the entire head is curled.


  • Let the curls cool down completely, release from the pins and brush out.


Check Out The Stunning Before & After!

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Brush Circumference Determines Volume And Length Of Curl

The smaller the brush the tighter the curl, and the larger the brush the looser the curler. To create bombshell waves, Melanie recommends using a brush that’s at least 2½- to 3-inches for longer hair.


Before Using Hairspray, Think About This

Before taking down the curls, the decision to use hairspray on before or after depends on the client. If the client has fine hair, Melanie will spray Flow™ impeccableFINISH™ FLEX Working Hairspray to the hair before removing the pins. If the client has thicker hair with natural texture then the pins can be removed without the hairspray. Once the curls are released, apply hairspray to a detangling brush and brush them out.


Pro Tip: To help keep hair height at the roots, apply Flow™ infiniteSTYLE™ ROOT REBOOT Texture & Root Refresher Spray to the area for a voluminous affect.


Watch The Full Video-Tutorial Here!


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