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Last updated: February 21, 2024

Dear Clients: 5 Truths About Toning From Your Hairstylist

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions

Before Your Client Goes Blonde, Show Them This!

Our clients see hair terms on social media and hit the search bar running… but that doesn’t make them the experts! From the fear of “toner” turning blondes dark to the myth that colorists only use toner to fix their mistakes, we’re debunking five toning myths to help clients better understand the services that make or break their blonde results.


CLIENT: “If my stylist uses toner, they made a mistake.”

FACT: The reality is: Everyone lifts warm. If you want a creamy champagne or pearly platinum, toning is a MUST, says #ONESHOT Winner and BTC Team Member Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions)In reality, a gloss/toner will:


  • Soften foil lines (aka harsh visible regrowth lines) and create longevity
  • Neutralize and enhance tones (correct yellow/orange tones)
  • Close the cuticle to create smooth shine and add vibrancy


Samantha formulates with Joico Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Crème Toners that process in five quick minutes adding virtually no time to appointments.


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions


CLIENT:I don’t want toner—it’s going to lighten my hair too much.”

FACT: PSA: “Color does not lift color,” explains Samantha. Your hairstylist has to remove pigment from the hair by lifting (or lightening) past your desired level with bleach; then, they tone down.


Scroll to get the steps to create this look!

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“Knowing my desired level of lift and end result are key when choosing which lightening product I want to use,” says Philadelphia-based colorist and BTC Team Member Kelly Benjamin (@kellybeestyles)


See the example below: For this client, Kelly wasn’t looking for a super bright blonde, but more of a brightness. First, she lifted with Joico Blonde Life Balayage Lightener ⁣+ 20-volume developer. Next, she applied a natural root melt with 8N, then toned with 8N + 9SB + Clear on the ends for a warm, honey result.


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Pro Tip: Blonde Life Balayage Lightener doesn’t transfer while processing and stays moist—say goodbye to flaky lightener!


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CLIENT: “I don’t like toner, I never have.”

FACT: “Toner is a word used to describe the service we are doing—not the product we are using,” explains Samantha. If a client is wary about toners, melts, glosses, etc., thoroughly explain to them in the consultation: If this is your end goal, these are the services (or sessions!) that will get you to achieve that goal. Education builds trust.


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CLIENT: “No toner, please! It always turns my hair super dark.”

FACT: Hear us when we say this: TRUST THE PROCESS! “Toner always appears darker on wet hair,” explains Atlanta-based salon owner and BTC Team Member Tahirah Carter (@mrs_tahirah2). Why? Because wet hair reflects light differently than dry hair, making it appear less bright and slightly warm. 


So, what’s the fix? Never send your client off without a blow-dry! Not only is it an opportunity to offer an add-on service, but it’s also essential that your client sees the true tone of their dry hair before they head home. Plus, who doesn’t love to leave the salon with a super glam blowout?


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CLIENT: “Toner? Thank you, NEXT! It adds too much time.”

FACT: Not with five-minute toning! Think about this—if you cut down all of your toning services, how many more clients could you fit in a day? Use five-minute gloss to cut down blonding services that take hours of foil and paint work.


Watch Samantha’s reel to see the different shades:


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