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Last updated: April 15, 2024

Clients With Hair Loss? Read This To Get Their Pre-Thinning Density Back

3 Things To Know About This Semi-Permanent, Natural-Looking Scalp Coverage

The goal of hair loss clients is to almost always look like their pre-hair loss selves. However, since hair thinning usually begins in hard-to-cover areas like the front hairline and crown, replacing the hair in a way that looks natural is difficult. This is because extension wefts do not blend easily where hair is thin and volumizing products alone can’t get the job done.
Ahead, we breakdown how to replenish a client’s pre-hair loss look without extensions or product build-up.

Here’s How To Replenish Thinning Hair:

International Hairgoods Micro Point Solutions is a non-invasive way to add synthetic hairs to a client’s existing hair to rebuild dimension and volume.


Here’s how it works:

  • The Micro Point Link incorporates multiple Cyberhair® hairs onto the client’s own existing hair strand base.
    • A combination or two, four or six strands are typically added to the client’s hair.
  • Hair can go from thin to thick in just one session and increase the density of a single hair up to 600 percent.
  • There is no maintenance, “move up” or removal process. The hair density remains for four to six weeks.
  • The added hair will eventually shed or be cut off when the client gets a haircut.


Here’s What To Cover In Your Client’s Consultation:

When your hair loss clients are ready to get their hair density and volume back, here are a few things to cover during their Cyberhair® consultation:


  • Appointment frequency: The Cybherhair® sheds with their natural growth cycle, so they will need to return to the salon about every six weeks for their Micro Point Link appointment.
    • Each appointment takes roughly three hours.
  • At-home care: After the hair is applied, they will need to shampoo their hair more often because sebum oil causes the hair to slide.
  • Expectations: The hair does not add length—it replaces lost volume and dimension.


Before & After International Hairgoods Micro Point Link Cyberhair® was installed:


Planning On Changing The Cyberhair®? Read This First

While the Cyberhair® looks and feels natural, it does not react to chemicals as human hair does. If you are planning on doing any chemical services to your clients’ hair—do so before the Micro Link session.

Here’s what to know about Cyberhair®’s chemical reactions:

  • If you are styling the hair, hot tools must be set to 350 degrees or less.
  • Cyberhair® has “style memory” which allows for it to go through hot showers and hair dryers without losing its style.

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