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Last updated: January 19, 2021

Thinking About Becoming A Hair Loss Specialist? Read This!

3 Nonsurgical Hair Replacement Tips For Men & Women

Hair loss is embarrassing for a lot of people, but as their trusted hair expert, you can help. A hair replacement service is something you can add to your menu right away to give them their hair—and their confidence—back. Watch the video tutorial above for how to complete a hair replacement service on male and female clients, then keep scrolling for how to get certified to offer this service yourself, and tips for doing it well.


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How To Make A Hair Replacement Recommendation After A Strong Consultation

Hair loss is different for every client, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all-solution, said International Hairgoods Senior Research and Development Designer Jerry Holt. That’s why choosing the appropriate solution is so important. The initial consultation is where you will determine which system works for your client. Ask the following:


  • What type of lifestyle does the client lead? 


  • What type of work does the client do?


  • What’s the climate like where the client lives?


  • Is the client’s skin normal, oily or dry?


For example, the procedure in the video above uses the SK1 hair piece. The adhesive used with this hair piece will break down faster on a client with an oily scalp.  People with normal to dry skin are the ideal candidates for this procedure.


Check Out The Before & After Using Adhesive!


Make More Money

Becoming a hair replacement specialist is a great way to increase your annual income behind the chair, because you will be providing a specialty service you can charge appropriately for. When a client comes in for their hair loss service, make sure to charge extra for any haircolor and cutting services performed as well as their installation to triple your earnings in one service.


Note: New hair loss clients are likely to become loyal, longtime clients because they feel safe in your chair!


Too Much Density Can Be Good & Bad

Everyone wants MORE hair, but too much of a good thing might not work depending on the client. Female clients will usually have no problem getting away with having thick, voluminous units—most will prefer it. As Jerry demonstrated with his female model, the key to applying a clip-in top piece for women and making sure it blends in is to place it a slightly behind the hairline so the natural hair peeks through.


For you male clients, too much density is not a good look. Think your grandfather’s toupee—everyone will know. Jerry suggests making sure you can see into the hair when thinning out men’s hair pieces. This will also solve any blending issues because if the hair is too thick for their age, it won’t look natural.


Pro Tip: A great way to blend out a SK1 hair piece is to the comb the hair up and brush a razor over the top. Move the razor forward and backward twice to recreate the look of new growth—long hair pushing up shorter pieces.


Check Out The Before & After Using A Clip-In Top Piece!

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