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Last updated: September 27, 2017

5 Tips for Giving Your Clients Fatter Hair and Giving Yourself a Fatter Bank Account

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Before Hairdreams Volume+.            After! Fatter hair instantly! 


At the Doves Studio presented by Studio DNA Salons in Santa Monica, CA last week there was a party going on. The reason for the celebration? Hairdreams Ambassador, Sonya Dove, and her team are delighting nearly 50 percent of their clients with solutions for fine and thinning hair…and boosting their income in the process!


Chris Rosario and Sonya Dove.


According to Sonya and Doves Studio Hairdreams Ambassador, Chris Rosario, clients experience thinning hair for a variety of reasons, including medical treatments, stress, heredity and aging. Hairdreams Volume+ Volumizing System offers strategies for all types of thinning with its MicroLines, TopHair and HighLines pieces that can be attached to the top or sides. Plus, Laserbeamer Nano Hair Strands can be attached for additional volume and length. For clients, the win is more confidence and a boost of self-esteem. Plus, Chris estimates that thanks to Volume+, the salon’s extension business has increased by 25 percent in the past year and extensions now represent 15 percent of the business, up from 10 percent in the previous year.


Chris demonstrates a Hairdreams MicroLines application.



The Dream Machine to Instantly Volumize Hair from Hairdreams on Vimeo.


Top models like Alena Gerber turn to Hairdreams for glamorous volume instantly! Watch her transformation now in this new video.


Danny Leclair is the owner of the Studio DNA Salon Group, and he calls Hairdreams volumizing, “The services that warm our hearts,” because stylists are able to give clients wearable solutions to fine hair that are truly life changing. Guests at the party were prime examples—real life clients with a number of thinning hair issues, ecstatic over their newly plump locks!



As an owner, Danny is also interested in the bottom line, and he offers these tips for success in wearable strategies for fine and thinning hair:


1. Put Volumizing Front and Center. “This can’t be an adjunct service or an afterthought,” he explains. “Put these services on your service menu so that it’s clear you’re in the business of producing fuller hair. Also, our stylists wear t-shirts that read ‘#IHaveASecret’ which encourages clients to ask questions and start a conversation about volumizing options.”


2. Added Hair Add Ons. The assumption with extensions is that they’re for increasing length for models, actresses and young clients, and these are specifically extension customers. But at the Doves Studio, volumizing attachments are primarily prescribed for existing clients.  According to Danny, volumizing becomes part of routine consultations, along with discussions about cut, color and style.


3. Investment Spending. Many clients are reluctant to consider extensions because they view them as a high ticket service that “traps” them. Explain that with proper care, these pieces can be rebonded and reapplied, and will last anywhere from 12 to 18 months. This is investment spending, rather than a frivolous splurge.


4. Create a Structure of Incentive, Training and Oversight. “Once you bring these services into the salon,” explains Danny, “you have to stay on top of them. Make sure stylists are prescribing them, looking for opportunities and being rewarded. If there are stylists who aren’t offering these services, pair them with a stylist who is so they can refer clients who are interested.”


5. Get Client Endorsements. Nothing is more powerful. Danny’s team posts before and after photos on social media and even Periscopes actual applications. “What these services do for our clients are what you want other potential clients to see and know,” he says.


See what Hairdreams can offer your clients!

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