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Last updated: July 06, 2023

4 Tricky Hair Color Scenarios & What You Should Do!

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This One Add-On Will Change The Way You Handle Tough Color Situations

If you’ve ever found yourself standing at the shampoo bowl after a color service with a client’s fine, fragile, tangled hair staring back at you—you’re not alone. Messy teasylights, disrupted curl patterns, uneven toners… We’ve seen it all. That’s why we’re sharing four fast ways to use one add-on to approach any tricky color scenario with confidence.


1. Scenario #1: Lightening textured hair & silk press in one session.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @kelleyscanvas


How to repair bonds at the shampoo bowl after lightening textured hair:

  1. Completely rinse all lightener then cleanse.
  2. Spray on Redken’s ABC Conditioner from midlengths to ends and work through until the hair is fully saturated.
  3. Rinse then style. Since the conditioner is packed with Citric Acid, an alpha hydroxy acid, weakened bonds will be reinforced while adding 48 hours of volume to the finished style.


2. Scenario #2: Your client’s fine hair needs some (lightweight) TLC.

Finding the balance between reparative and volumizing in conditioners can be tricky—especially for fine-haired clients. The struggle of finding a conditioner that will hydrate without weighing thin hair down is real—but it’s not an impossible task. 


Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) reaches for ABC Conditioner as her solution. “The sprayable conditioner helps to repair bonds and add smoothness without added weight and is quickly absorbed into the hair fiber, providing effortless application, internal strength repair and volume,” she shares.


redken abc conditioner
Photo Credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions


Click here for major fine hair bond repair.


3. Scenario #3: Teasylights are super tangled.

If your fine-haired client wanted a softer, natural-looking foilyage so you backcombed between each foil, detangling those teasylights while preserving their fragile, lightened strands can seem a bit scary—but it doesn’t have to be. 


“Have you ever struggled to comb out the teasing after a balayage?” asks balayage specialist Stephanie Brown (@vividsandbalayage) to her followers. “After shampooing with Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, towel-dry then spray ABC Liquid Conditioner from mids to ends. [It] quickly absorbs into the hair fiber and detangles FOUR times easier!” Say goodbye to tearing through already vulnerable hair.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


4. Scenario #4: Your color correction feels like it needs a conditioner before toning.

No matter how you approach a color correction, sometimes it’s inevitable the client’s hair will be left dry and brittle. This can become particularly tricky when you still have to tone their hair but want to protect it from further damage. Since most conditioners are alkaline, they can’t be applied before a toner because they’ll reopen the cuticle and cause for an uneven or fast-fading tone. 


The way to resolve this is by opting for a pH-balanced conditioner that can seal the cuticle and serve as a color equalizer. Stephanie shares how she uses ABC Conditioner before or on top of toner to protect the hair while she tones for results that are even and long-lasting.


See below for a during and after toning session with ABC Conditioner.

redken abc conditioner
Photo Credit: Instagram via @vividsandbalayage


Try this lightweight, liquid conditioner for fine hair-click here!

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