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Last updated: April 03, 2018

Cheat Fullness On Fine-Haired Clients With These Color Placement Techniques

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If you’re coloring thinning and fine-haired clients, you should be using every technique possible to cheat density, depth and fuller-looking hair. That’s why we’re dishing out three color placement techniques, styling tips and a consultation breakdown, so you can customize every experience and keep clients coming back for more. Check out all the tips below, then watch them in action with TWO videos from NIOXIN artist Vinnie Ferrara!


But First…The Best Appointments Begin With A Consultation!
Communication is key before color appointments, especially with fine-haired clients who have a more fragile canvas. Study every client’s hair history, ask questions to analyze their current situation and make a plan. This also opens up conversation and an opportunity to discuss add-on services.


Click HERE to check out Nioxin’s consultation app that guides stylists & clients through an easy and successful conversation!


Get The Color Placement Tips! 

1. Cheat Density With Gradation
When applying color, use this easy technique to create a visual illusion of denser-looking hair at the base. Start by applying the darkest color at the roots and base, then gradually get lighter as you work your way toward the ends.  


2. Use Light & Shadows To Create Depth
Cheat fullness by creating multi-dimensional haircolor for visible depth and movement. Do this by painting with a variety of contrasting tones and levels of color—playing with light and shadows—to create a sense of volume and density.


3. Color Placement Is Key For Rich & Long-Lasting Results
It’s especially important to maintain the hair’s integrity on fine-haired clients, so use the right type of color on each section of the head—apply permanent color at the base and semi-permanent from mids to ends, using only gentle developers. The result will be rich and long-lasting haircolor that looks fuller and thicker.


Watch the video below to see these techniques in action!


Now that you’ve created a dimensional and totally gorge haircolor, don’t let it fall flat with these styling tips that give fine-haired clients extra volume and fuller-looking hair!

  1. Focus At The Base: Before styling, start blow-drying at the base first using low heat and airflow. Use your fingers and hands to create gentle lift at the root.
  2. Create An Illusion: Build width opposed to height—this will cheat volume and density.
  3. Don’t Let Products Weigh You Down: Use NIOXIN’s gentle 3D Styling products to maintain the integrity of the hair. These lightweight products will work to enhance the appearance of fuller-looking hair. Plus, these products completely eliminate after one wash, so they will not compromise the effects of your personalized NIOXIN regimen.


Watch the video below to master these styling techniques! 



But what about cutting?! We’ve got you. Check out four rules for cutting and styling fine-haired clients! 

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