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Last updated: October 16, 2023

Redken’s Safe Space Course Creates A More Inclusive Salon Experience

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How Your Salon Can Become A Certified LGBTQ+ Safe Space

Earlier this year Redken partnered with nonprofit organization It Gets Better to launch the Safe Space Training to show their dedication to a more inclusive future. The free, 30-minute online course is designed to teach hairstylists to create a more welcoming, inclusive salon space for LGBTQ+ clients. Any stylist can take the course and once finished, will receive a personalized certificate to display as a symbol of their allyship.

How The Power Of Hair Empowers Everyone:

Safe Space is designed to make LGBTQ+ individuals feel safe, accepted and free to express their true selves in the salon chair. It will teach stylists how to support LGBQT+ clients to choose a look that makes them feel their best selves—regardless of how society and traditional roles perceive it.


“I was not truly aware of the huge issue that [the LGBTQ+] community faces when it comes to finding a stylist and a space where they can truly express themselves and receive support in doing so,” says Redken’s Artist and Global Head of Education, Kelly Scott (@kel_scott). “Salons and stylists may not even be aware that spaces are not 100% “Safe-Space” safe, which is why these short videos are so important for the industry to create awareness.”

redken safe space course
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What Stylists Will Learn From Redken’s Safe Space Course:

Kelly played a major role in developing the Safe Space Course and shares its goal is to provide stylists with the tools to provide an inclusive space so the ultimate focus can be on the hair.


“A salon is a space where clients go to feel their most confident and express their truest selves, and hairdressers have the great privilege of helping facilitate someone’s new look,” she says. “As an industry, we need to ensure the LGBTQ+ community feels the support from their stylists to embrace all interpretations of beauty.”


These are the topics discussed to empower stylists to create a more inclusive space:

  • LQBTQ+ fundamentals: This module discusses sexual orientation versus gender identity, use of pronouns, language and the importance of validation for LGBTQ+ youth.
  • Physical Space: Stylists will learn how to communicate their space is LGBTQ+ safe, the importance of physical space and enhance their space for client experiences.
  • Building Trust with LGBTQ+ Clients: In this section, Psychologist Dr. Miguel Vazquez teaches stylists how to build their client’s trust and make them feel seen and heard.
  • Intersection of Race and LGBTQ+ Identities: Here stylists learn about the role hair plays in LGBTQ+ identities.
  • Gender-Free Pricing: This module discusses what gender-free pricing is, how to introduce it and how it benefits the salon.
  • Consultation: The final module focuses on consultations—what questions stylists should ask and how, how to support clients through milestone transformations and the difference between feminine and masculine elements of the styling process. 
redken safe space course
Photo Credit: Instagram via @redken


Take These Steps For A More Inclusive Salon Space

You’ve finished the Safe Space course, now what? Clinical Psychologist & Redken Safe Space Educator, Dr. Miguel Vazquez (@drmiguelvazquezrivera) suggests taking the below next steps toward a more inclusive salon.


  • Join the Conversation: Become active in the LGBTQ+ community through social media and share public declarations of your support.
  • Participate Meaningfully: Get involved in local Pride events and organizations such as The Trevor Project, PFLAG and True Self Foundation.
  • Showcase your Support: Hang pride or equality flags, declare your salon a Safe Space and use inclusive language.
  • Continue Learning: Expand your knowledge base, don’t be afraid of being corrected and let the community lead the way to allyship.  


redken safe space course
Photo Credit: Instagram via @redken

Click here to take the next steps toward a more inclusive salon!

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