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Last updated: March 28, 2023

A Free Flight to Shop for a Salon Makeover—Wait, What?!

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4 Things To Consider Before Upgrading Your Salon Or Suite

Online shopping is great for so many things—a new outfit (or two), an Amazon Prime home goods haul, or tried and true supplies that have been on your shelf for years. But when it comes to revamping your salon or suite, sometimes you need to actually see your vision come to life before clicking “add to cart.”


Here’s how investing in new equipment and decor in-person will take your artistic vision to the next level.


1. It’s your salon—Why go home when you could go big?

When we encourage stylists to go big, we mean go BIG. And what’s bigger than a 200,000 square ft. facility stocked with every salon need? Minerva Beauty has reopened its newly expanded facility, featuring a 25,000 square ft. beauty equipment showroom. (You’re not alone—our jaws dropped, too.)


Located only an hour from Atlanta, Georgia, this beauty equipment showroom is the largest in North America. It has everything salon/suite owners would need to highlight their business’ aesthetic, client experience, personality and quality of services—plus, plenty of inspo for cultivating any specific “vibe.”


“We are thrilled with the renovation and expansion of our showroom and warehouse,” says President and CEO Jay Rawl. “We invite salon, spa and barbershop owners from all over to visit us. Whether you’re driving in or taking advantage of our Fly-In Program, we can’t wait to show you our new space.”


What is Minerva Beauty’s Fly-In Program? 

This program helps salon/suite owners visit the brand’s showroom by covering flight and transportation fees with a minimum purchase of $10,000 USD. Keep reading to learn more!


An inside look at the Minerva Beauty warehouse:

Photo Courtesy of Minerva Beauty


Your flight is awaiting! Click here to board Minerva Beauty’s Fly-In Program.


2. In-person stores have everything you need in one place.

When we’re at the grocery store, how often do we catch a necessity that didn’t make the shopping list? One of the best perks of visiting a salon store is that if you forget something, odds are it’s only an aisle or two away rather than one or two weeks (plus shipping)!


Here is just a small list of everything that can be discovered at Minerva Beauty’s showroom and warehouse:


  • Styling chairs
  • Styling and barber stations
  • Carts and trolleys
  • Shampoo systems
  • Esthetician equipment
  • Facial beds
  • Massage tables
  • And more!


Still not sure? Seasoned online buyer Larry Kane of Jonathan Kane Salon & Spa speaks to the benefits of an in-person haul: “On the larger projects, flying into the showroom ROCKS! [Minerva Beauty’s is] the largest in the country and has everything you need to make those big decisions!” he says. “Not only was I able to ‘kick the tires,’ [but] I was able to see and try the stations, bowls, dryers, cabinets, beds, chairs and design options—literally experiencing what my staff and salon guests would experience.”


The Minerva Beauty store has equipment for every salon’s aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @minervabeauty


Online shopping vs an in-person, all-inclusive experience? We both know which one wins. Click here to visit Minerva Beauty!


3. In-person shopping helps you make more informed purchases.

Those bold, lime green salon chairs are calling your name—but are they the right fit for your salon space? It always helps to see the product with your own eyes before you buy, and Minerva Beauty’s facility helps stylists do just that with an on-site sales team.


“I decided to fly in [when] I was in the design phase of my new salon spa. I wanted to get a closer look at the furniture before I made my final decisions,” says stylist Nick Scamuffa of Nicholas Sebastian Salon Spa. “The team at Minerva took as much time as we needed. They answered all of our questions and were very helpful during the whole process. It was great to see all the options and I actually ended up going with something other than [what] I had in mind.”


Paul and Peggy Grenauer of Excuria Salon and Spa agree. “My wife and I were in the process of revamping our whole salon, so viewing all of the furniture in-person made a world of difference. Walking the showroom gave us so many ideas on how to improve our new location,” Paul says. “Make the trip. It is well worth it!”


Pro tip: If stylists are looking to expand their service menu—such as nail or brow services—specialized equipment is the first step toward reaching those goals!


4. Visiting the store is more accessible than you might think.

You might be thinking, “I want to visit the store, but I’m not sure how.” After all, not everybody has a salon warehouse within walking distance of their home. That’s why programs like Minerva Beauty’s Fly-In Program are here to help. How? Minerva Beauty will reimburse a flight up to $350 as well as provide a transportation credit of $50 to help get stylists to and from the airport with a minimum purchase of $10,000 USD.


“We were able to fly-in and have a dedicated and guided shopping experience in the showroom with a knowledgeable [representative] that could answer all of our questions and help us determine what was right for our business,” says Julie Avant of Vibe Salon Suites. “Finalizing the order was easy. Our order was processed and shipped within 24 hours.”


Interested? Here’s how to make an appointment:


  • Discuss travel arrangements and time slots with your sales representative. Sales representatives can be reached at 888-332-0123 Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. 
  • Keep in mind that the Atlanta airport is about an hour or so from the showroom for your arrival and departure times.
  • Book your visit at your convenience Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST and Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Visits take roughly one to two hours depending on your needs, so make sure to plan accordingly.


Note: The $10,000 minimum purchase increases to $15,000 if overnight accommodations are needed, limited to one room for one night only. Additionally, the maximum reimbursement amount of $350.00 for flight and $50 for transportation applies to the customer’s account upon purchase.


Shop reception, styling stations, mirrors, lighting and more with Minerva Beauty!

Photo Credit: Instagram via @minervabeauty


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