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Last updated: June 25, 2024

40+ Salon Suite Inspo Pics For Every Aesthetic

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @mysalonsuite

What is Your Salon Suite Vibe? See 40+ Decor Inspo Pics

For most stylists, the salon is their home away from home, so having the freedom to design their own space is a must. MY SALON Suite stylists can add their own paint and decorations to create their own aesthetic.


What does your salon’s aesthetic say about you…or rather for you? Ahead are 40+ salon suite pics to screenshot the next time you’re considering redecorating your space—no matter your vibe.


1. Light & Airy

A light and airy space is a mood-boosting way to create a friendly atmosphere by embracing natural light and space. Below are some tips for creating that environment in your space:


  • Lighting: Use natural light for the ambient lighting to open up the room. 
Photo courtesy of MY SALON Suite


2. Plant Parent Aesthetic

Whether they’re real or fake, plants are a great way to create a calm, welcoming atmosphere. Greenery can add color, texture and a natural element to a room that softens hard lines. If you want to create a serene, green oasis see below for ways to style your plant children in your salon.


Photo courtesy of MY SALON Suite


3. Dark & Vibey

Dark-toned walls and furniture is one way to add both coziness and character to a space. Whether you’re into black with touches of metal chicness, or gothic moodiness—see inspo for your level of dark and vibey below.


Here are a few ways to make your space dark and vibey:


  • Texture: Add more dimension to your space by adding texture. Add things like luxe velvet upholsteries and glossy and matte blacks.
  • Rich colors: Keep deep, rich hues like maroon, navy blue and burgundy in your color palette to keep the atmosphere dark yet luxe.
  • Incorporate contrast: While the foundation of the room should remain dark, adding in pops of chrome and metallics will add layers to contribute to the overall moodiness.


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Photo Credit: Instagram via @wickedhairwitch


4. Statement Walls

Add a focal point, depth and personality to your space with a statement wall. Whether you add a grass wall for a content backdrop or a visually interesting wallpaper pattern for a bold statement, accent walls are a budget-friendly way to make a space more memorable and dynamic.


Take inspiration from these statement walls found in MY SALON Suites:

Photo courtesy of MY SALON Suite


5. Neon Lights Vibe

It’s your space and your chance to see your name in lights…or at least your favorite quote. Adding a neon light to a room can influence the energy by making it more lively and entertaining. Here are six ways to style a neon light in your space:


Photo courtesy of MY SALON Suite


6. Vintage Flair

Adding a vintage flair to any space can add so much character and elegance—no matter the decade you’re referencing. Nostalgic touches can be woven throughout the wall colors, furniture styles and even materials used in the furnishings. 


Here’s a blast from the past through the eyes of MY SALON Suite stylists:

Photo courtesy of MY SALON Suite


See yourself in a MY SALON Suite:


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