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Last updated: January 30, 2023

How To Maximize The Space In Your Salon Suite

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Style inspo by @madisonclair_salon.

Studio Decorating Ideas For Your Salon Suite

Moving into a salon suite or studio? Congrats! We know you are SO excited to decorate, so we asked Minerva Beauty to help us select salon furniture that is functional for smaller workspaces. Think storage options and ways to maximize your square footage to make your job easier. Ready to get started? Use this guide to work through the questions below, then check out some sample floor plans!


Your complete guide to styling a salon or suite—click here!


The Genesis Single Sided Station in action at @maiiidoeshair in Tukwila, Wash. Check out the Pagani Styling Chair and Gabello Stain-Proof Cutting Stool too!


Updating your styling stations, shampoo bowls or reception area? Browse countless styles for every salon at Minerva Beauty.


Styling Stations

Your workspace has to work for YOU. Ask yourself these questions when looking for your ideal styling station:


Do you mix color at your station, or is there another area you use to mix color?


I mix at my station: Consider a vanity-style station for ample countertop space to mix color and set styling tools, plus storage underneath. There are a LOT of options if you go this route, so browse through to see which station matches your personal style the best.


Soriano Styling Station


I have a separate color mixing area: If you don’t need a ton of countertop space, try a tower station. They have plenty of cubbies and drawers to stow tools, products and even your purse! Take a look at the Genesis, ExodusAthens or modern Kamino ranges—these are equipped with full-length mirrors as well as cubbies and drawers on each side.


Genesis Single Sided Styling Station


Will your space allow a deep station, or do you need something more narrow?


I have space for something deeper: You’ll have plenty of counter space and storage, how awesome! You might be interested in something with serious presence, like the Lakota Single Sided Styling Station or Waverly Single Sided Styling Station.


Waverly Single Sided Styling Station with Round Mirror


I need something narrow: Try pairing a mirror with a small cabinet or stylist cart. You’ll end up with less storage at your station in this scenario, but you can get creative with storage elsewhere. Check out the Brookhaven II Styling Station paired with the Ravenel Full Length Oval Mirror for a compact and glamorous vibe. Or for the most space-saving scenario, consider a wall-mounted option like the Bellevue Wall Hung Station or Cezanne Wall Mounted Styling Station.


Brookhaven II Styling Station


Styling Chairs

Suites are typically smaller spaces, so the Minerva experts recommend choosing a chair with a light and airy design. Why? Large or bulky chairs can weigh the room down and make tight spaces feel even smaller. Here are some things to remember:


Pro tip: Open armrests and sleeker designs help your suite appear more spacious. Swipe through the slideshow below to see some options!


Prado Salon Styling Chair


Pro tip: Measure, measure, measure! Some styling chairs have a larger footprint than others, so you should measure and map out where you want your chair to go. Use tape on the ground for a visual idea of the footprint your potential chair will have in your suite.


Shampoo Systems

Most shampoo systems tend to run large and take up a decent amount of room in any salon setting. When shopping for a smaller space, first you should measure the area where you want the shampoo system to go, then answer these questions before deciding on a shampoo system.


The Avant Shampoo System in @alyssakirby’s space pairs well with the Maranello Styling Chair.



Is your space very small, or pretty large?


It’s large enough to have a backwash: Excellent! Check out some of these options:


Carrera Shampoo System


I’ll need to use a sidewash set-up: Perfect! Here are some choices.


Callaway Shampoo Bowl Cabinet


Do you want your shampoo system to be an all-in-one, or do you prefer separate pieces for flexibility in moving things around?


All in one, I love the look: These selections are great because they have built-in reclining footrests!


Cayman Shampoo System


I prefer separate pieces for flexibility: You got it! Check out some of these options:


Montego Pedestal Shampoo System


No matter your budget, space or aesthetic, Minerva Beauty has everything you need to bring your salon studio to the next level. Shop the collection here!



Storage is SUPER personal and will totally depend on the way you use your space and prefer to keep track of your own supplies. Which one applies to your scenario?


I keep minimal color on hand and like to mix at my station: Try the Broadway Single Color Rack, a floating color holder equipped with 30 spacious cubbies that can be mounted on the wall, or the 15-cubby Bergman Single Color Rack. Grab one or a few depending on your needs!


Broadway Single Color Rack
Bergman Single Color Rack


I need a moderate amount of storage for more than just color, and a mixing area would be great, too: The Broadway Color Cabinet has eight drawers for organized storage. Pair it with the wall-mounted Broadway Single Color Rack for a perfectly polished color area.


Broadway Color Cabinet


I need a TON of color storage: You need the mack daddy of all color organizers—the Broadway Trio, three color racks stacked to hold up to 1,080 tubes of color!


Broadway Trio Color Rack


I need storage for a smaller salon space: Look no further than Minerva Beauty’s selection of floating cabinets. Our faves? The Sanibel Cabinet and the Fernandina Cabinet, each designed to fulfill all your shampoo/color/retail storage needs with style, quality, and function.


Sanibel Cabinet
Fernandina Cabinet


Retail Displays

There are SO many options to consider when deciding how to display retail products. This is where you can really inject your personal style into the space.


Super Tight On Space?


The Chastain Styling Station integrates your workspace with a retail display, a great two-for-one that also keeps product in your guest’s eyesight while you work.


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No More Floor Space For Something Large?

Wall-mounted options like the Sakura Wall Mounted Retail Display open up some breathing room.


Sakura Wall Mounted Retail Display


Have Enough Room, But Need More Hidden Storage?

Choose combo units like the Seminole or Brighton Retail Displays that accommodate for both retail AND storage.


Brighton Retail Display


Sample Floorplans

Below are four salon suite layouts, each with a sampling of products to help get the design juices flowing. Explore hundreds of options right now—click here to access the Minerva Beauty Style Guide for even more inspiration!



Preparing for a salon makeover? Shop the Minerva Beauty collection!

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