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Last updated: July 22, 2022

This Year’s Biggest Salon & Suite Decor Trends

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Photos via Instagram @minervabeauty

Affordable Inspiration To Redecorate Your Salon Space

We all dream of working in a space that feels authentic to us (with a hint of home, of course). If interior design isn’t your strong suit or you feel like you’ve seen the same inspo over and over, don’t worry—we put fresh vision boards together for you! Browse through this year’s hottest trend decor list and make the changes you’ve been thinking about all year. 


1. Retro Chic

Mismatched warm tones, cylinder shapes and animal print accents will have your space screaming ’70s heartthrob. We grabbed inspo from New Jersey salon owner @hellohoneyhairco who nailed the retro-chic vibes to a T. 


Essentials to get you started:

  • Rounded leather chairs. Check out the exact chairs from Minerva Beauty @hellohoneyhairco styled her space with! 
  • Artwork. You’ll need some serious wall art or eclectic statues to complete the retro vibe. 
  • Accent colors or patterns. Pick a color or pattern to sprinkle around your space for an edgy feel. 


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2. Modern Simplicity 

“Less is more” is definitely making its way into interior design styling. Choosing one color to use on the walls and fixtures creates a stunning simplicity in any room.


Notice how @thecuttingedgecville stuck with a two-color palette and worked in different tones of white and blue. The striking contrast gives a welcoming feel with a modern pop that makes a really cool vibe that is easily customizable.  


Photo credit: Instagram via @minervabeauty


Find your perfect palette, shop salon furniture by color here!


3. Soft Glamour

Having a glam space does not require rhinestones or pink drapes. St. George salon @invisiblebeadextensions is the perfect inspo for a luxe salon feel without going gaudy. 


Soft glamour staples you’ll want to try incorporating:

  • Delicate light fixtures. Bonus points if you can double your lighting as decor!
  • Long, angular receptionist desk for a high-end look. 
  • Neutral color palette without bright accent colors. 
  • Textured statement pieces like large vases or area rugs. 


Check out @invisiblebeadextensions’ post below to scroll through some gorgeous salon inspo!


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4. Industrial Oasis

For those who want the edge of an industrial look with the calmness of a boho theme—we have the best of both worlds for you. Mixing two different vibes is the perfect way to customize a space that feels super authentic. 


Notice below how the exposed ceiling is balanced by the neutral coloring and soft shapes of the furniture underneath it. When combining themes, just keep balance in mind!


Use this gorgeous space from Arizona salon @jesssalonaz as inspo:


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5. Warm Luxury 

All of the elegant perfection and cozy home vibes wrapped into one. Warm luxury takes the edge off of stark, “can’t touch anything” spaces while creating a luxe, home atmosphere. 


We know—white furniture, scary. BUT, a quick spot clean here and there is worth the expensive feel, don’t ya think? Simple inventory placement and warm lighting (where appropriate) are the perfect pairings to this beautiful decor theme. 


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Photo credit: Instagram via @minervabeauty featuring @hunterandmane