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Last updated: September 14, 2023

3 Tips To Make Your Salon Suite Look Bigger

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Smart Storage & Layout Tips For Small Spaces

Only have four walls to work with? We got you. Salon suites can feel like a makeshift broom closet if not laid out properly. It’s hard to make your suite feel authentically you while needing functional elements like storage, cleaning and personal space. We want you to love your space the way your clients love you! Check out these three tips to maximize small suite spaces for trendy (and trustworthy) setups you’ll feel confident in. 


1. Use More Mirrors & Less Decor

We know mirrors can help any space look larger, but what you place around them is also super important.


To make a small suite feel much bigger, follow these rules:

  • Add mirrors where you can. Think beyond your station—clients want to see themselves. Adding mirrors throughout your suite will expand the look of the room while giving your clients a chance to see themselves from different angles.
  • Keep the lighting bright so clients can see the true color of their hair or details of their cut. A smart option is investing in a mirror that includes lighting to create a bright ambiance without extra clutter: Click here to see options from Minerva Beauty.
  • Don’t go overboard on decor, but instead, add personality with statement pieces that reflect your style. Hang decor instead of using valuable floor space to lighten the room and avoid creating a maze on the floor for you and your clients. 
  • Find 6 more tips from Minerva Beauty for small suite decor here!


2. View Your Station As Storage & Working Space

A lot of time we forget that our stations are more than a surface to work off of. The way you work needs to reflect how your suite it set up. Your space needs to work around you, not you working around your space. 


Think about how you work:

  • Where do you mix your color?
  • Do you take up a lot of counter space for every client?
  • How many tools (heat tools, brushes, scissors, clips, etc.) are you using client to client?


Depending on your answer, you can totally rethink the way you set up your station. If you’re comfortable laying all your tools out, consider a larger vanity with drawers for products to work from.


Scroll through these cute, space-saving ideas and get ready to be inspired:

Bernhardt Styling Station by Minerva Beauty


Pro Tip: If you prefer mixing color away from the chair, try using a cart instead of a stationary unit at your station to save room for a separate designated area for color selection and mixing. 


Check out the sneaky storage spacing inside of these beautiful stations in @mona_fays_beauty_co salon!


Find your perfect storage setup—shop Minerva Beauty for hundreds of cabinets, rolling carts and shelving units in one place!


3. Pick A Floorplan That Works With Your Aesthetic 

Pinterest is a great way to find a theme or colors you like, but when it comes to layout and design, you have to make your suite feel (and function!) like home.


Here are 4 chic suite designs you can use as inspo:


1. Casual Elegance 

For the trendy minimalist OR a stylist decorating their first suite, a casual vibe is a perfect fit. 

2. Moody Glam

For the stylist that likes a little edge, using moody colors and functional pieces with a dark vibe is a super chic way to emulate your style in a suite. 


3. Modern Sleek

We’ve seen this design gain a lot of popularity this year. The perfect mix of boho-chic with modern touches, color palettes and salon equipment is easily customizable to keep up with trends. 



4. Retro Charm

You know that stylist you follow for amazing hair and outfit inspo? Yeah, this is her suite. 



We did the heavy lifting, shop all four design spaces and grab the pieces you love!


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