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Last updated: November 17, 2022

6 Things You Didn’t Know About The LG CHI Color Master Factory

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Here’s How One Machine Can Change Your Entire Business

We’ve seen the LG CHI Color Master Factory all over the internet and in so many pro salons—but what’s the extent of what this viral machine can actually do? This in-salon factory by Farouk Systems marks the digital evolution of hair color, able to formulate over 30,000 hair color combinations at the touch of a finger.


Sounds too good to be true? Keep scrolling to learn more about the latest cutting edge technology that will set your salon apart.


Click here to watch CHI Global Creative Artist Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair)’s dramatic color transformation with this revolutionary machine!


1. 12 canisters replace an entire color backbar 

Only 12 color tubes are needed to be loaded into the LG CHI Color Master Factory for infinite formula creation. Gloss, toner, color—you name it, this machine as it loaded up and ready for application in two minutes or less.


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2. The Color Factory canisters mix color in two different ways

Each mixing mode allows stylists to further experiment with formulations and interact with their clients:


  • Simulation Mode: Do your clients ever say “I wish I knew what I’d look like blonde before I commit.” Well, now they can. Simulation mode allows stylists to snap a picture of their client and receive suggested color formulas AND an edited photo of their client with the color request they’re debating. This is a super cool and fun way to switch up the way you interact with clients and a huge bonus for new stylists still working on formulations.


  • Manual Mode: If you already have a perfected formula, Manual mode prepares it in real time. Just place your bowl on the scale and select your formula!


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3. Biggest myth: “I don’t have to make my own formulas anymore”

We didn’t have to clock all those theory hours in school for nothing! “Just because it’s a machine doesn’t mean you stop formulating with your hairdresser brain to come up with a formula,” Wesley says.


While this machine alleviates a lot of time spent mixing formulas, there’s still very much a need for color theory, formulation education and overall “stylist-brain” for it to work. You CAN, however, save your custom formulas digitally on the LG CHI Color Master Factory app so that once you nail it once, you won’t have to remember it for the next appointment. 


Check out how Wes formulates a perfect platinum toner with a few clicks:


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4. Time saver: you’ll never use a scale to weigh color again

Don’t tell your cos teachers, but you never have to look at a scale again. The LG CHI Color Master Factory has a calibrated scale that is super accurate and just requires you to pick how many grams of color is needed for your formula. That’s it! No more fiddling with color tube keys and scales that waste time at the color bar.


Take a look at colorist Julian Normand (@jeweldoeshair) experimenting with the LG CHI Color Master Factory:

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5. Shave time off of foil & hair painting services

One of Wes’ timesaving hacks of the LG CHI Color Master Factory is adding developer to his lightener of choice—like the CHI Bleach & Shine hemp and aloe-infused lightener. All you need to do is place your bowl on the scale, select the desired ratio, remove and blend with the automatic mixer for 60 seconds. That means: nailing that consistency every time, and losing the extra minutes it takes to mix bowls throughout a service.


Pro tip: Each LG CHI Color Master Factory dispenser can manage one to four busy stylists at one time. To save time in the salon—especially for double-booking appointments—colorists can formulate directly from the LG CHI Color Master Factory tablet or use another device to formulate remotely from their station.


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6. It’s super easy to set up & maintain

Worried about factory set-up, maintenance and updates? Don’t sweat it! The digital age can be a little daunting sometimes, but Farouk Systems is here to help you every step of the way. Here’s how:


Factory Set-up

  • A team of engineers from Farouk Systems is available to help set up your LG CHI Color Master Factory virtually. Then, an educating team will help schedule an in-person or virtual training session for everyday use.
  • The LG CHI Color Master Factory Formulator App must be downloaded to formulate, simulate, dispense or use client management.
  • WiFi is required for set-up, but stylists are still able to formulate even if the WiFi is not working.



  • You don’t need to worry about refilling your canisters once they’re empty—all you need to do is order new ones! Plus the aluminum canisters are recyclable and can be disposed of following local regulations.
  • Your LG CHI Color Master Factory is protected by a year-long warranty and, if you’re leasing, Farouk Systems will provide maintenance if anything happens to the machine. 
  • It’s recommended that you clean and wipe down removable parts, such as the scale and removable drip tray, at least once. Don’t use any abrasive materials or harsh chemicals!
  • Software updates are automatic and start once the tablet is activated.


Thinking of leveling up your salon with the LG CHI Color Master Factory? Click here to learn more!

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