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Last updated: January 19, 2021

Rebranding Your Instagram? Here’s What You Need To Know!

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5 Things To Consider When Revamping Your Brand On Instagram

Not attracting the clients you want with your Instagram? Thinking of reworking your stylist or salon page? Get ready to take notes! BTC’s social media experts held an informative panel on “The Business of Instagram” at The BTC Show this year and we’ve pulled a few tips from the discussion to get you started. Then, head over to BTC University to watch the entire hour long panel during The BTC Show ONLINE 2020!



1. You Need More Than One Account

Before you get started, take stock of the pages you already have. If you’re a salon owner, do you have a salon page that’s separate from your personal or stylist page? If you’re a stylist, do you have a personal page and a stylist page to show off your work?


A lot of stylists and salon owners like to blur more than one page together for convenience, but it can get confusing for future clients trying to sort through your work, pictures from your child’s recital or a fun girl’s trip you just went on. A clean salon or stylist page can help you work smarter, not harder promoting your business and services by:


  • Offering Free Advertisement


  • Attracting New Clients


  • Showcasing Your Work


BTC’s Director of Influencer Marketing Haley Gable (@haleygable) further broke down why it’s important to have your own portfolio page as a salon owner and a stylist. “Chances are you specialize in something, and people want to go and find that [specialty] so they can ask for you at the salon when they’re booking.” The easier you make it for potential clients to find you, the more business you’ll get.



2. What Are Your Goals? 

The best part about Instagram is that it’s free advertisement for your business. Your profile is your portfolio, so it’s up to you on how you want to use it to promote your services and accomplish your goals. The first thing you need to ask yourself before you start rebranding is what you want to achieve from your Instagram page? 


For Example:

  • Do you want more clients?


  • Do you want to become a brand ambassador or influencer?


  • Do you want to become a brand educator or platform artist?


Once you have a clear vision for your page, then you can start setting realistic short and long term goals to track your progress.


3. Are You Promoting Your Brand Correctly?

“And make no mistake, you are a brand,” says BTC’s Social Media Director Kevin Givens (@kevin.givens). “If you’re posting your work, everything you put on that page…that is part of your brand.” After evaluating what your goals are, you need to start posting content that will target the clients and brands you want to work with. 


For example, if you’re a colorist who specializes in gorgeous red blends and deep brunettes, you might want to post more of that instead of the blonde chunky highlights you just did. Think about what your speciality is or what you want to be known for and market that exclusively on your page. Also, if you’ve established a clientele around one service and are thinking about switching to a new specialty, start posting work that reflects the change to attract the future clients you want.



4. Should You Or Should You Not Change Your Brand Handle?

This one is entirely up to you. There’s nothing wrong with having something simple like your name (ex. @philipforesto, @iamginabianca, @chrisjones_hair) or something hair related (@watchmyhairbounce, @the_blondologist, @themaneartistry). Just try not to make your handle too complex with a lot of symbols and numbers so it’s easy for the client to look you up. 


If you decide to change your handle when you rebrand, make a new account, give it your old handle and direct clients to your main page with the new handle in the bio. This way if any clients or brands search for your account from your previous handle, they can be directed straight to your new page. 


Also, BTC’s Director of Marketing Quin Gable (@quingable) recommends that you make accounts with your brand name on other social media platforms to further control your brand image. “If a new media platform pops up go get your name. Go get a couple names… I went to the other platforms just to grab my name in case one of those were to pop up and it helps protect your brand for the future to come.”


5. Are You Searchable?

Did you know that Instagram rewards you for using its features? The more you use it’s new features like “Reels” or little things like adding a “location” to your posts, the more you’ll show up in the search algorithm. “I think it’s important to note that everything on Instagram contributes to your search results,” says BTC’s Editorial Director Lauren Rees (@llllllaur). “And remember that everything on Instagram helps you get higher in those search results.”


It might seem like a pain to properly fill out your bio, add hashtags to your posts or even consistently post multiple times a week, but the little things you do help get you noticed more on the app, which means more clients and more income flowing in.


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