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Last updated: June 25, 2019

Want To Be a Celebrity Stylist? Here’s Three Things You Need To Know

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Mara styling Emma Stone via Instagram// @mararoszak

Want To Be a Celebrity Stylist? Here’s Three Things You Need To Know 

If you’re a follower of all things BTC, you know the celeb-styling star power that has graced our homepage. As soon as a celebrity has a new look, we NEED to know (and share) EVERYTHING! For a better understanding on what really goes down in the world of celeb styling, we chatted with stylist Mara Roszak (@mararoszak), whose has worked with celebs such as Emma Stone, Brie Larson and Olivia Wilde. We sat down with Mara at her salon Mare Salon in West Hollywood. She broke down the importance of being able to go with the flow, finding balance in and outside of the salon and the products she uses to create some of her iconic looks. Scroll down for all the tea spilled.


Products Used


Be Open to Flexibility

As a freelance celebrity stylist, your day-to-day is constantly changing. Mara broke it down, “Sometimes you’re on the beach in Malibu for a photoshoot and sometimes you have to get a celebrity red-carpet ready in a hotel room.” The structure that you find in a salon environment is missing and that can throw some stylists off, she continued, but if you are comfortable with making your own schedule and going with the flow, it’s a great way to meet all different kinds of people.


Mara gave Brie Larson a chic half up style, for the 2016 Oscars where Brie won Best Actress for her role in “The Room”. Via Instagram @mararoszak


Find A Balance

For Mara, being present in the salon is where she finds balance after a hectic freelancing schedule. “When my partners, stylist Alex Polillo (@apolillo) and colorist Denis De Souza (@denisdesouza), opened Mare Salon three years ago we really wanted to create a welcoming space where stylists wanted to come and work.” Mission accomplished: Mare Salon is a chic, bungalow salon in West Hollywood that features multiple skylights and a backyard oasis. “We created this welcoming space and the stylists have made it a family,” Mara continues, “I have so much support and structure in my salon that I feel present as soon as I come back.”


For the 2017 Oscars, Mara gave Best Actress Winner Emma Stone a classic Old Hollywood wave style. Via Instagram @mararoszak


Trendspotting: Inclusivity On The Red Carpet

It’s hard to tell what the trends will be for award season this year, especially since each award show or red carpet can have a different vibe. Some award shows are edgier than others, Mara explained, which is great because you can really open up your creativity. But picking a specific trend can be tough. Instead, Mara has her eyes on more inclusive styles. “I think there will be a larger acceptance and appreciation for styles that incorporate natural hair and texture.”


For the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, Mara gave actress Olivia Wilde an effortless down style. Via Instagram @mararoszak


Here’s What Mara Keeps In Her Kit

As a freelance stylist, your kit is EVERYTHING. And because we just HAD to know, Mara broke down the products she can’t travel without.

  • Davines OI All In One Milk– “This product is just genius,” Mara exclaimed. “I use it as prep for a beautiful blow-dry or even as a leave-in when clients want effortless waves without heat styling.”
  • Davines OI Oil– “I’m really into hair oils right now and this is my go-to hair oil as a pre blow-dry or to smooth out the ends of a style.”
  • Davines This Is Medium Hairspray– A workable hairspray is always a necessity.
  • Davines This Is Shimmering Mist– “Sometimes shine sprays can be heavy on the hair and hard to brush through,” Mara explained. But the This Is Shimmering Mist is an aerosol bottle so the product distributes evenly, resulting in an all over shine.
  • Davines Your Hair Assistant Definition Mist–This product is an absolute MUST for Mara’s signature old Hollywood waves style seen on Oscar winner Emma Stone.


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